Episode 42: Scorpio Super New Moon + Final Jupiter Pluto Conjunction – Trusting to Invest in Your Evolution

by | Nov 8, 2020

The third and final Jupiter / Pluto conjunction and the Scorpio Super New Moon is potent! Giving us one of the most powerful weeks in 2020. This energy is asking you to decide on your next expansive evolution in your business and giving you the chance to plant the seeds of intuition so that you can trust and invest in yourself. Are you ready to allow that expansion to happen in your life and business? Yes, or Yessss?

In today’s episode, we will cover:

  • Investing in Your Evolution [[ 6:23 ]]
  • Jupiter Pluto conjunction [[ 15:41 ]]
  • New Moon in Scorpio [[ 24:07 ]]

Mantra for this weeks epiosde

Investing in Your Evolution

If you had known me before July 2018, you would have met a very different Leslie.

A hiding business owner (zero followers), making little impact (my clients and I were doing just ok), feeling really drained but seeking something more.

And the Universe sent me a sign, a scary AF opportunity to invest in myself by means of a business coach.

Said business coach wanted me to invest $20,000 in her business mastermind.


I didn’t have the money. (I wasn’t making that kind of money!)

I’d never invested in myself or business. (Well not since undergrad, if that counts!)

I was scared 💩-less!!

Scared that I was going to waste the money instead of earn it back.

Scared that I was going to be a failure in the program.

Scared that I wasn’t going to live up to my expectations.

I trusted the little voice in my and I did it anyway.

I made mistakes, hid, got burnt out, let people down…

But I didn’t give up.

2 years later and wow, my business is 180° turned around.

A beautiful community, building to consistent $20k months, being seen as an expert in what I’m passionate about most. ❤️❤️❤️

Could I have imagined that because I trusted in myself, had the patience to see my investment fruit, and committed to the practice of maximizing that I would be here today?

It doesn’t magically happen overnight.

It happens with dedication and persistence.

It happens with having a clear vision of what you want.

It happens with trust.

The investment …. It is the signal to the Universe that you TRUST in yourself and your worthiness.

New Moon in Scorpio

November 14-15, 2020 | 9:08P PT | 12:09A ET
Today you plant the seeds to trust your intuition to guide you along your path in entrepreneurship. Trust in oneself is our greatest gift. Look inward, come back to yourself, come back to your path. What is it? Today you get to decide what you want from trusting yourself. What you want from accessing your inner wisdom. And what you need to believe about yourself to tap into your inner power. How do you want to harness your intuition to help you in your business?

New Moon House Activations

Look for the house with Scorpio 23° in your chart to get specific intention-setting insight.

Today I plant the seeds trust my intuition so that I can invest in my business’s evolution through my:

1H: Personal brand and honest leadership style
2H: Faithful values and loyalty to my customers
3H: Unapologetic communications and promotional messaging
4H: Safe spaces to hold vulnerable emotional security
5H: Pleasurable, creative, dramatic, power play
6H: Holistic operations that eliminate everything unnecessary
7H: Transformative partnerships with ideal customers and co-creators
8H: Deeply intuitive and mystical therapeutic abilities
9H: Divine knowledge and philosophy
10H: Highest visibility and delivery of spiritual truth
11H: Community and platform of other truth seekers
12H: Profound sense to make peace and surrender

Upcoming Workshop

New Moon in Scorpio Masterclass
Monday, November 16, 2020
2:00PM – 3:30PM PT / 5:00PM – 6:30PM ET

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