✨ Star Powered Biz Planner – September 2020 Edition

by Aug 31, 2020Astrology for Business

We are trying something new this month with a Star Power Planner 🌟 September edition.

September’s biz theme? Re-prioritize and get organized!

September is yet another big month with three of our powerful energies coming to a stop in the sky from our perspective here on Mama Earth and shifting direction!

As above, so below!

What is this cosmic energy asking you to reintegrate into your business and to assess your own superpowers?

It’s time to shift and walk your OWN path.

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Mars Retrograde

The biggest shift of the month is Mars, our drive, initiative and action!

Mars stops early this month (September 9 – November 13) is here. to begin its 10-week retrograde cycle, appearing to go backwards in the sky. Mars only does this backtrack every 2 years so it’s an important time where we are asked to reaffirm our motivations and reassess our power.

Are you living your power or giving it away in your business?

It is a time to slow down and notice energy leaks and frustrations. And learn how to use our anger in productive ways.

Mars Retrograde is the time to reaffirm what energizes and motivates YOU in your business and brand.

It helps us heal stress/frustration and optimize our energy better to reaffirm what motivates us.

Mars Retrograde asks if you are:

  • Doing business in alignment with your unique energy?… Are you overwhelmed by outside pressures?
  • Being aggressive or assertive? … What new strategies can you develop?
  • Motivated by your needs, wants and desires? … or someone else’s?
  • Embodied in your own power… or are you giving it away?

This is a necessary time to re-organize and re-manage our energies in your life and business.

Want more insight? I’m hosting a Mars Retrograde Masterclass. Find out what to do and what not to do during this cycle.

Jupiter and Saturn Station Direct

Later in the month, our big collective time lords, Jupiter, the energy of ritual, expansiveness, and belief, plus Grandfather Saturn, the energy of sustainability and responsibility will come to a stop from their backward progression to go forward in the sky.

You have learned so much over the last few months. Your beliefs may have shifted. You may have come to terms of what sustainability really looks like in your life. Now you will be able to integrate your new learnings and weave them into your life.

Sept 12/ Jupiter appeared to stop in the sky a few nights ago as this big energy came to a stop before moving forward in the sky. Over the last few months, you had a chance to re-align with your growth and beliefs. What new vision is now in place? What have you noticed about your purpose evolving? What has changed? Now is the time to integrate these changes. You are someone new!

Sept 28/ Saturn over the last few days and the days coming up will appear to come to a complete stop in the sky before moving forward again. Saturn is a collective energy, meaning it’s not as close to the Earth so we don’t feel these motions as intimately as a personal planet like Mercury, Mars, or Venus. After his long retrograde cycle (Saturn spends about half the year appearing to go backward) we (our communities, like our business and society) have a better idea of the new structures that have to be put in place so we have a just and equitable society for all.

On an individual basis, what have you learned over the last few months about your part in this great societal shift? What responsibilities do you now see as your own? What new commitments will you uphold for the benefit for all?

Venus, our lovely energy to connect, and Mars, our assertive energy to activate have a role in this new societal structure too – asking you to consider your values and energies you will add to the New World order.

Leo Season and Equinox

Sun enters Libra + Equinox this week. The season of balance.

All across the world, we celebrate the equanimity of dark and light. Libra, the peaceful harmonizer uses this season to ignite Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the Southern with her Cardinal power. As an Air sign, she shares and connects with those she loves with the bounty of the harvest.

At the powerful moment the Sun moves into Libra on September 22, exactly at 6:31am Pacific / 9:31am Eastern, we welcome the Equinox, equal day and equal night.

Ancient civilizations across the world built grand structures to measure the journey of the Sun that marks this perfect and equal balance.

At Angkor Wat, Cambodia a grand Hindu (now Budhist) temple’s central tower is crowned with the Sun on the morning of the spring equinox.

At Chichen Itza, Mexico a Mayan pyramid casts shadows of a serpent god Kukulkan at the precise moment of the equinox.

Feel into your past and get curious about what this mark in the year meant to them?

How does it translate to you today? What balance do you celebrate?

What needs more light? What needs more dark?

And with whom can you share this most sacred time?

Lunar Activations

We have two beautiful lunar activations, our Full Moon in Pisces (The Corn Moon) that opens up the month asking us to surrender into the infinite flow then a few weeks later our New Moon in Virgo asks us to plant the seeds of truly organizing our business into our life so we can heal from a place of wholeness.

Sept 1/ We have a beautiful Full Moon in Pisces opening up our month with loving energies tugging and asking us to simplify and organize our lives to be more efficient and in flow. The Pisces Moon wants to dream and but the Virgo Sun is ensuring that first, you learn to ground so you don’t get swept away. Mercury the way we interpret those dreamy messages is in flow with Pluto, so your dreams can be transformative this compassionate day.

And Venus and Saturn want to chime in too because this energy is so empathetic, they are asking you to clearly set your boundaries. Your heart is so wide open, be sure that you are only letting people in that will not take too much. Create a clear candy coating that you can sweetly proclaim no one shall pass.

Sept 17/ The New Moon in Virgo desires you to plant the seeds of wholeness, of health, of organization, of wellness mind, body, heart, and spirit. Your business is an extension of you and needs this wholeness as well.

As the Moon and the Sun meet in the darkness they flow in exact trine to Saturn in the other earth sign Capricorn. Remember that Virgo and Capricorn are Earth signs and earth signs are meant to be practical, embodied and receptive. Mercury, our thoughts, and ruler of Virgo will trigger Jupiter, our beliefs at the time of the New Moon wanting to be part of your intention so you can boldly speak your personal truth to ask for what you truly want.

As you plant your seeds today, a moving meditation may help you feel into your body to see what desires wholeness. What desires awareness? What desires wellness in your life? What are you open to receive now? How can you cultivate and nourish Mother Earth? What boundaries do you need to help you organize?

Your clearly spoken intentions have superpowers today with support from Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn – giving structure to your words. Speak it, share it, celebrate it.



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