Taurus Full Moon asks if we are obsessed with Money

by Nov 11, 2019Astrology

Full Moon in Taurus

Full Moon in Taurus on Tuesday 11/12 at 2:34am Eastern | 5:34am Pacific

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that the full moon phase is a time for receiving and if not yet ready to receive then to let go of the attachment that is holding us back from receiving.

And the earthy steady Taurus Full Moon is about physical comforting security.

The Taurus energy loves getting their earthly needs met.

A Taurus Full Moon brightly reflects the light of the Scorpio Sun.

In our brands and business this opposition of Taurus and Scorpio represents our financial axis.

Both want pleasure, security, and control.

While Taurus is about personal values, material goods, possessions, and security, Scorpio is about destruction of form, shared possessions, and change/transformation.

So thinking about Full Moons, the ultimate opposition, this asks us where have I been obsessed with money and possessions as a form of control?

  • Is money controlling your life?
  • Are you using money to control others?
  • Is your ego so obsessed with money that it’s missing the point of abundance and prosperity?

These are loaded questions, right?

And if we are too obsessed or too involved with our ego to gain more money, guess what we will either be blocked from access to money OR we will have money but not be able to enjoy it.

I’m here to talk about business and brand astrology with one pursuit of being more profitable. Who doesn’t want that?

But being abundant is more than just what’s in the bank, it’s about the ability to feel like you are taken care of AND feel like you are worth having this prosperity.

  • So, are you aligned in your business in accordance with abundance?
  • Is your brand purposeful, meaning it fulfills a vision?
  • Is your brand transformative, meaning it helps people make beneficial changes?
  • Do you value you what you offer, meaning is of service to you and others?

So, when we think about this fine line profits and prosperity, let’s look to this Full Moon in Taurus and see where we might need to balance this opposition of control over our money vs feeling abundant.

I bet you can find somewhere you might be blocking yourself from receiving the abundance you deserve.

If you need an antidote to any of your blocks, try gratitude. A grateful attitude is a sure fire way to raise your vibration. And in my free Facebook Group The Savvy Luminary, we are on day 11 of #abundance30. Each day I ask a prompt for all to share their grace. Let’s raise our vibrations together.

What is a block to prosperity that you are aware of AND for what are you grateful for? Please let me know and I’ll hold space for it in my full moon ritual.



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