After months of not finding an answer.

You know how I was stuck in my business, doing the same thing for 15 years, surviving but not thriving. Not making impact, not living my true purpose in business.

In July 2018 I was ready to throw in the towel, but a little voice in me told me to dig deep into my own being.

The only way I knew how to do that was to take my own medicine and do the brand discovery exercises I normally reserved for my branding clients. I did them but the answers I was hoping for, didn’t make sense. I persisted, and turned to the Internet to see what the Branding Gurus were saying, taking their quizzes, taking their assessments, and those answers didn’t fit either!

All the answers I was getting were restrictive – one word – personalities or archetypes – that my brand was supposed to be in order to be more visible, be more valuable.

But ugh, one personality? How was I or my brand supposed to fit into that? It was the impossible, like fitting my size 12 body into size 00 jeans. I didn’t fit into one word. My business was so much more!

Astrology A-ha!

I was at such a low place, not knowing where to turn next. By chance, I went to my favorite astrology site and started looking at my in-depth horoscope and looking at my birth chart (aka natal chart). Just seeing this star-map brought a sense of relief to me, like seeing a dear friend I hadn’t seen in a while.

With my love and study of astrology, I knew that each of us are made up of more than just one sign. That we are all a unique and complex blend of different signs, strengths, challenges and purposes, that are all mapped out for us on the the day we took our first breath by the way the planets and luminaries were aligned in the sky from the vantage point of our location on Earth.

Combined with our free will on how we choose to express those aspects.

Natal charts are completely unique for each and every one of us on Earth, and they map our unique abilities.

Then a-ha!! Why not apply natal charts to our personal brands and businesses as well!?

Once I had this a-ha moment the AstroBrand™ framework came in a literal FLASH.

Within ONE month, I mapped out an entirely new system of branding and I was transformed.

It all made sense now, our businesses are multifaceted, all represented by the placement and alignment of planets and luminaries in our natal chart!

In a nutshell, the AstroBrand™ framework outlines our brands like this:

  • The sun represents our core brand, the heart and soul of what we do and how we do it
  • The moon represents our inner brand, how we need to feel in our business to feel secure and do our best work
  • The rising or ascendant represents our outer brand, who we need to be to our ideal customer and how we best connect to that customer

The multitude of facets and aspects that make us uniquely us, is the same as a brand’s.

When we know this…
… we don’t need to compete or copy with other brands
… we naturally attract the right customers looking for what we have to offer
… we know the systems to create in business that fill in the gaps of our missing elements
… we exalt our offerings by promoting value
… we focus on what we do best

Astrology really does have the key to insights on how to build a strong brand that is completely you-nique.

And you too can get aligned with your star-charted gifts and reignite that fire in your heart.

Next time I arrive in your inbox, I’ll share real-life stories about how women aligned to their star-charted gifts and made huge progress.

How will you express your star-charted gifts?

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