The Second Return of Saturn: New Beginnings

by Mar 30, 2020Astrology for Business

Can you imagine your life after 50 as a time of great energy, purpose and second chances? If you’re somewhere between 58 and 60, chances are you are feeling this great evolution. And whether you are enjoying it comes down to whether or not you have been living your life on your own terms or living your life the way someone else thinks you should.

In astrology, the planet Saturn represents the time keeper, the energy of discipline, and the energy to crystallize into a new way of being. Saturn takes about 29 years to go around the sun to return to the place in the zodiac it was at the time of your birth. This is called the Saturn Return.

Your first return happened around age 29 – 30… with a year leading up to it and a year going away from it. It was during this time that you probably felt that your life was over and that you were too old for anything new to happen. This was probably a time in your life where you got rid of old friends, maybe started a new job or business, and officially entered into your adult-hood and took responsibility for others.

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And this first transition into adult-hood, it wasn’t the easiest time but your capacity to allow for change was dependant on if you were directing your life, or if you were allowing others to direct your life for you. You can imagine, if the later, Saturn probably gave you a smack down during this time.

With your second Saturn return, the crystallization is now from adult-hood into elder-hood. And woman, do I wish our western culture had a better term for elder. In Eastern or other traditional cultures, the idea of elder is one that is gilded in respect and honor.

It’s time we reclaim the power of the word for our boomer babes to embody that of the one with wisdom, grace and the ability to share that wealth of knowledge with those that are deserving of our wealth. And to take responsibility for yourself!

You may be feeling, just like you were at 29 that your life is over, you don’t have the capacity to learn anything new or that you are too old to …. (fill in the blank)…and I want to call BS!

There has never been a better time to celebrate this new phase of your life, where you can finally prioritize yourself, let go of relationships that no longer serve, and release old things and patterns that hold you back.

It’s time to make room to become a leader in your community and decide finally to believe in yourself, embrace your gifts and then become that person that you’re meant to be. To be the pillar in your community. You get to set your own path. To give yourself permission to prioritize yourself.

This crystallization process doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. It is a transition time, a time of great change, but know that on the other side, there is a treasure. That treasure is you and all the wealth of wisdom you now have the responsibility to share.

Want to know more about your Saturn Return?

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