Are you still reeling in the wake of last week’s full moon AND the last few days of Mercury Retrograde.

My correspondances from friends, associates and clients this past week and weekend have been – why has this week been so dramatic!?

This reaction will have been directly related to whether you have resisted or accepted the energy of the collective cosmos.

Funny thing is that this Mercury Retrograde (Rx) seems to have been a doozy for so many people (and big tech) while past Mercury Retrogrades go without a blip on people’s radar’s.

What is it about this particular season?

Could it be that astrology is oh so popular now on social media? And that because of the calls of Mercury Rx on our feeds, our hypochondria goes full throttle and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy? OR if we accept that things won’t go as smoothly during Mercury Rx, we can live in grace and laugh instead of cry when Gmail AND Facebook goes down.

Could it be that Pisces, the sign in which Mercury goes backwards is asking us to dredge up our emotional depths? And that if we resist the uncomfortable feels it brings up, we remain in the same place, destined to relive the karmic lessons we haven’t learned. OR if we accept and learn from the discomfort, we can move through and awaken to reach a new spiritual level (and yes, business is a spiritual practice)

Could it be that we are living in the wake of the Full Moon in Aries? And while that heralds in the new season, spring, while sprung, the Northern Hemisphere is still a bit schitzo in deciding if winter is truly over. OR we accept that we are mere animals on this earth, not fighting the change of seasons, instead reveling in the blooms of flowers already here and enjoying the warm drops of water on our faces.

There are 4 more days of Mercury Rx, it stops to move forward again on 3/28.

You should feel a collective shift.

Also, a spring in your heart thanks to Venus!

March 26: Venus into Pisces from Aquarius. Venus loves being in Pisces. In our businesses, Venus represents our values and self worth. During this time what we deem important in our offerings will become lighter, brighter, and more harmonious. And you know, when you exalt your creativity and the value you bring to the world, this creates confidence, which then creates empowerment. Ultimately this means you love what you do and understand your worth! Go flaunt it!

Final thoughts, are you resisting or restoring during this emotional time?
What has the last week taught you? And how will you move into this week to make progress? Progress being the trigger word…not all progress involves doing. Some progress means being and integrating.

What will you choose?

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