Venus conjunct Jupiter

by Nov 22, 2019Astrology

Venus conjunct Jupiter

Let the good times roll! Exact at 5:33a Pacific, these two benevolent luminaries meet up in the sky.⁠

You will probably even be able to see it right after sunset in the southwest portion of the sky. If you have a crowded horizon like in a city, you might need to get on a hill top to see this union.⁠

When these two lovely energies meet it’s so wonderful… and it may be a good day UNLESS the razzle frazzle of Mars exact opposite Uranus (look for my other post) gets you edgy on your nerves.⁠

Hot date!? Sweet!⁠
Romance? Mmm!⁠
Lucky windfalls of cash? Quite possible!⁠

Have fun with this lovely and expansive energy. ⁠

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