This is what it looks like when you have community.

If you work in a silo isolated from other like-minded people, like I did for so long, you go so slowly.

And when I invested in a joining mastermind I had no idea that I was going to get more than just how-to-training. What I received was community. A community of amazing, motivated, and accomplished like minded women business owners who are on a mission to improve and serve their communities.

That value… priceless!! ??

You need community! We all do to thrive!

And when the stars align, like they did last week when the women in this mastermind got together to learn laugh and inspire. And during the course of our day this small group got together to record a podcast.

Magic happens easily within a community.

If you are a mom struggling to be everything to everyone check out Sara Dean’s hit podcast The Shameless Mom Academy.

If you’re struggling with pain and don’t want to turn to pills to function find Alex Ellis of AE Wellness, she has programs that can help you get out of pain.

And if you are a woman living with cancer or a cancer survivor check out Ceca’s Truth or Dare Cancer podcast where she shares inspiring stories of hope for women living with cancer.

You are not alone please know that.

Find your tribe!

If you need a tribe, join me! I’m happy to guide you to where you need to go.

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