What are your excuses? Saturn ♄ wants to know.

by Sep 18, 2019#brandwhoyouare

What are your excuses? Saturn wants to know.
It’s a big day cosmically speaking… one of our social planets Saturn is stopping from its reverse mode and moving forward. This behemoth of the zodiac sometimes has a bad rap because Saturn likes us to pay attention, systemize, not over do it, and keep within the lines.

Saturn, as a social planet, wants us to be responsible (unlike the other social planet Jupiter which wants us to grow grow grow). And sometimes we can resent responsibility. But what if we change that dialog and look at Saturn as where it wants us to create structures that will allow us to accomplish our goals!?

Saturn, in achievement focused Capricorn is now moving forward.. And depending on which astrological house it’s in is activating where we need to put on our grownup undies (aka big girl panties), establish our authority, and take responsibility!

So you know those excuses I tell myself, which you probably tell yourself…

I’m not ready (No one is ever “ready”)

I already have too much on my plate (We all do unless you prioritize)

I can’t invest in myself until I make more money (Maybe you won’t make more $ until you invest)

I’m not good enough so why bother (For real? You know that’s not true)

Saturn is: “you reap what you sow”

You gonna let those excuses still hold you back in your business? From being seen? From being known? From being liked? From sharing your meaningful work?

Please don’t let those excuses stop you!!

If you’re ready to show Saturn you are ready to take responsibility for your achievements, for your success, for sharing your significance, let’s do this!

I have your back.

I want to teach you and coach you through the strategies, tools, personalized feedback, style and the cosmic alignment that it takes to get you lasting transformation in the visibility of your brand.

It’s the final 2 days to apply to Crystallize. I’m looking for just a couple more women business owners who in their heart of hearts believe that their work is meaningful and needs to be more visible in the world.

Join us, an intimate circle of women who are on a path to bigger impact and influence.

Patty Liu“Crystallize has helped me so much in my business and personal journey”

“I can’t thank you enough for everything that you’ve done to help me define my brand and messaging, not to mention guiding me to develop the confidence I needed to put myself out there to share my offerings! It’s really helped me take my business to the next level. I’m beyond grateful for Crystallize and everything you’ve taught me, especially giving people a unique brand experience that is me!!”

-Patty (Crystallize Alumni)



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