What To Do In Case Of Website Issues

by Dec 18, 2019Website Tips

Website Issues

The issues below are usually solvable by you ☺ Here’s what to do when the following happens.

  1. My site is running slowly! If your site was previously not running slowly and now it is, this issue is caused by your web server. Your web hosting company may be doing fixes, upgrades, or having some kind of latency issues. Call your web hosting company and see what the issue is. Sometimes they will say that it’s your wordpress or custom plugins. However, if your site was not previously running slowly and there have been no changes, remind them of this.
  2. My site isn’t loading! Refer to My site is running slowly. It’s the same issue. Call your web host.
  3. I can see edit and login options on my live site! Log out of wordpress…you probably see a gray bar across the top, it means you are logged in. You can log out at the very top right of of the gray bar. If you log out, you will not see those options.
  4. I do not see the changes I made to my website! Your web browsers typically like to save data on your websites that you mostly visit. If you made a recent change to your website and do not see it, please refresh your browser cache (https://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/) which will reset your browser setting to pull up the most recent version of your website.
  5. I can see my site live but it’s supposed to be under construction! Refer to I can see edit and login options on my live site. It’s the same issue. Log out.
  6. An image, page, or content has disappeared or changed! We do not know why this happens. We’ve seen it a few rare times. Sometimes it is malware on your computer or a hacker that has deleted or modified files on your web server. We do our best to back up your info and can usually fix the problem. Beware, this is not from a fault of NEW MOON ’s and there is no way we can prevent this rare occurrence. Your best bet is to have very secure FTP and wordpress logins and to change it regularly. The only thing we can do is re-upload missing/modified files.
  7. I am not getting email submissions from my form! Check your spam folder. Actually, this is a good thing to do on a regular basis as sometimes these emails get thrown into spam. The form plugin we generally use stores messages on the web server as well so you might be able to login to wordpress and look at the Forms section. You may see missing entries there. If you still are missing messages we will have to investigate further.
  8. I lost my password! At the end of every project we give you a google document that has all your login credentials. Do what you need to do to keep it safe. Place it in a directory on your computer that you know the location, print it out, what ever it takes. If you can’t find your file, we keep copies and can email you the most recent version we have. But if you are changing your passwords, we may not have the most recent password. Depending on which password is lost, you can call the web host for FTP passwords, and there is a “forgot your password” feature on wordpress, you can click that and an email will be sent to your administrator email address. OH and DO NOT ever email passwords.

Of course, we are happy to do any of the troubleshooting for you as an emergency, or a scheduled project at the appropriate pay rate.

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