It’s the first quarter of 2014 and I’m sure your small business has a list of marketing and branding goals. Do you have plans for a website redesign? A new ecommerce site? The launch of a social media campaign? Or new print collateral? Well for all of these items you need good photography! Good photography sells… pure and simple.

One of the things I find myself repeating to all my clients is that regardless of their project, they need to budget in good photography. I want to cover a few of the types of photography in this post and because there are so many types of photography, this topic will be spread over several posts.

To get started, it is important to know the type of photograph you want, the way the photograph will be used, the medium in which it will be used, and the story you want to illustrate with your photo. At Flair, we are more than just designers, we look at your whole project and can help with Art Direction where we put together all these elements together for you to come up with the design, the photo direction, messaging and everything else you need to tell YOUR story – visually.

You need Great Portrait Photography for Websites, Social Media and More…

If you are a consultant, agent, musician, artist, or social media star (current or aspiring) 

Portrait Photography for Small Business Websites

Photo by Jennifer Graham Photography

I am a lucky gal because I know one of the best portrait photographers in the San Francisco Bay Area and last spring, I saved up some money to get some professional photos to use on my website. But, why would a web/branding designer need a good photo, you might ask? I need it for everything! I use the photo on my about page of my website, my linked in profile, my twitter profile, my google plus account and of course my facebook profile. These photos are the first impression you give to someone who hasn’t yet met you but is interested in your service. You have the opportunity to make your first impression by the expression on your face, the clothes you are wearing, your style. Every person that looks at that photo for the first time will have an impression and you NEED it to be a good impression. And these photos paid for themselves! When I look at my google analytics before and after adding the photo to my about us page, the time that people spend on my about page doubled. Which means, people actually took the time to read my bio because they decided they liked my face. And because they liked my face, then my bio, they called. Yes, a good photo has led to new business. Most recently, a great project where the client needed me on camera. Today more than ever, you are your brand. Invest in your brand and get a great portrait photo that tells your story.

More on photography for small business websites

Stay tuned as in future posts we will continue discussing photography for your small business:

  • Interior Photography for Websites
  • Product Photography for Websites
  • Exterior Photography for Websites
  • Taking iPhone Photos for Websites
  • Stockphotos for Websites

What questions do you have about photography for your small business website?

Ask FLAIR and we can help Art/Photo Direct you for your next design-focused, marketing or branding project.

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