Episode 24: Working with Moon Phases + Full Moon Eclipse

by | Jul 3, 2020

Welcome to July we made it! Holy smokes. June was an epic month in an epic year. So continuing on the moon theme for July, I wanted to talk about how to use the 8 different phases of the moon in your business in creating this soilless garden. So if we begin with using the eight phases of the moon, we can then begin to harness the moon energy and work within the flow of Mother Nature. And when we understand the different moon phases for our business, we can see that there are times for activation, as well as rest, so we can get into the balance of working and resting.

In today’s episode, we will cover:

  • Moon phases and how to work with them in your business
  • I answered questions from members of my free Facebook group, The Savvy Luminary
  • What to consider astrologically about your moon sign
  • Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn on July 4/5

Why the moon sign is so important

Our moon sign represents our inner self, our emotional self, our intuitive self. I call our moon sign part of our inner brand, the part of the brand that others don’t see, but let me tell you, they certainly get a sense of it. But when we really look to our moon sighting keep on revisiting and relearning what our moon wants to know about ourselves, we can peel back the layers and begin to build the wholeness.

Working with Moon Phases

  • Follow the natural rhythm of Mother Earth
  • Go with the flow
  • Balance work and rest
  • The great first step with cosmic timing, the cycle we know most intimately
  • Moon phases as the regular dance between the Sun and the Moon, our two closest luminaries

8 Major Moon Phases

  • New Moon – Time to Intend
    • Sun / Moon at the same degree
    • Starting phase
    • Dark
    • Plant
  • Waxing Crescent – Time to Plan
    • Sprout
  • First Quarter – Time to Act
    • Root
  • Waxing Gibbous – Time to be Patient
    • Gestate
  • Full Moon – Time to Release
    • Prune
    • Blossom
  • Disseminating / Waning Gibbous – Time to Receive
    • Share – Share your wisdom
    • Harvest
  • Third Quarter – Time to Reevaluate
    • Breaking apart – assessing, analyzing, repurposing
    • Decompose
  • Balsamic / Waning Crescent – Time to Restore
    • Relax, nourish, fertilize, fill the cup
    • Compost


Astrology of the week Sunday, June 28 – July 4, 2020

Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn 13°

July 4, 2020 | 9:44 PM PT | 12:44 am ET

So we are in July and we do not gratefully have a lot of cosmic shifts going.

This is actually our third eclipse of the Summer. Usually, eclipses come in two, but 2020 is a year of change so why not have a third eclipse.

One of the most striking things about this full moon Eclipse is that it is forming a T square to Chiron meaning the push and pull between our emotional needs (the moon) and our Life force need (the sun) are being triggered by chiron the wounded healer.
This Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn is about releasing about letting go, it’s about forgiving as well as for thanking and celebrating. Oftentimes, you know we all have past hurts, and sometimes if they’re super uncomfortable, we try to avoid them and not talk about them and numb ourselves from them.

But if there is a way for you to recognize these past hurts as gifts, of things that have molded you into the person that you are today, if you can forgive yourself or the person that hurt you, or the experiences that you had, it takes their power away.

If you can, you know, look at your deepest pains and see them as gifts so that you can let them go. Give it the Marie Kondo treatment, thank it for its service and let it go.

You’ve heard me talk over the last few weeks that this cancer season is all about our emotional healing.And what better time to take a deep dive into your emotions and past hurts then this cancer season.

Now this full moon is in Capricorn and at its highest level, its about social responsibility, It’s about us achieving and getting results and achieving our goals and building structures and systems so that we can be more efficient and in our social climate responsible.

So I’m curious to know for you, with all of these themes that come up with past hurts, with anger, with security, emotional security, as well as vital physical security:

What comes up for you?
What needs to be let go and released so that you can move on to do the bigger and better things?

Now if you want to dive deeper into healing the way that you think about your superpowers and your brand and the way that you show up in your brand. Consider joining my flagship program Luminary Rising for the month of July.

In July, we’re going to be focusing on all things moon. In the last episode of my podcast, I talked about th5 ways you can use your Moon sign in your brand and biz. We’re going to be diving deep into each of those keys in our business.

If you’re interested, hop over to TheSavvyLuminary.com/rising to register.

There is still time to join in.

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