Earlier I promised to share with you how other women have took the information from an AstroBrand™ session to realign their brand to their star-charted gifts.

In December I offered Mini AstroBrand™ Readings to the women in the mastermind for which I’m also a member. All the women participating in the mastermind with me are women who have found their purpose, are already high-achievers and ambitious AF.

I was curious to see if I could help women, who in my opinion, were already kicking ass in their businesses.

In the Mini AstroBrand™ Readings we spent 30 minutes together going over a person’s natal chart. A natal or birth chart is a beautiful map of the planets and luminaries as they were positioned at the time one takes their first breath as seen from the location of the exact place on Earth that they were born.

And as we look at the chart in a mini reading, we concentrate on 3 milestones that make up their unique AstroBrand™ AND we look for insight that could help answer a question with somewhere they are struggling in their business.

Let me introduce Alex Ellis of AE Wellness. She teaches people how to get out of chronic pain without pills through her programs and retreats. Alex has a big following on social media, a beautiful website, rocking systems in place and recently been asked to teach at Wanderlust, the festival of all festivals for Yogis.

Alex had come into her Mini AstroBrand™ Reading wanting to know “Am I on the right path? What’s next!?”

We took a look at her 3 milestones which were Pisces sun sign, Virgo moon sign, Sagittarius rising sign.

What we discovered when reviewing her beautiful website that was totally aligned to her watery Pisces values, was that while her site was beautiful, her messaging was missing the compassion values from her Pisces sign, and the inspirational and uplifting feel that the Sagittarius sign brings.

I recommended one simple change to her opening messaging on her site.

And being the go-getter that she is, she immediately updated the text on her site. (Gotta love action takers!)

What happened next was incredible.

She reported that after she made that one change on her website, she got 3 inquiries on her site! Previously she was getting zero inquiries from her site (as most people were connecting with her on social).

All this from a quick 30-minute reading.

If you’re interested to see what happens during a Mini AstroBrand™ Reading watch Alex’s reading here.

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