Episode 58: How You Can Easily Brand Your Business Using Your Natal Astrology

by | Mar 3, 2021

Why do we make branding our business so difficult? Guessing, comparing, copying!? This Piscean season, it’s so clear all the ways we make things hard for ourselves in our businesses. Where in reality, we are meant to bring more ease and flow. And yes, in branding, not just our logo but the whole package of the way we present our business in the world and the memorable experience one has with our business, we can do this easily, authentically and innovatively WHEN we use our natal charts in a method I call the AstroBrand®. My mission is to show visionary entrepreneurs, like you, how to see and present themselves as luminary leaders. And it IS easy when you realize and actualize your star powers. Today, I’ll share with you what you can see in your natal chart to guide you to your authentic brand.

In this Episode:

  • My mission: to show you how to see and present yourself as the successful leader you already are
  • What is a brand (it’s not your logo)
  • What happens when you’re not authentically branding and positioning your business
  • What you can see in your natal astrology chart
  • How I take people through that process

My mission:

To show people how to see and present themselves as a successful leader.

  • People don’t see themselves as the expert or as a leader
  • People don’t see themselves as successful
  • It’s not because they aren’t a leader or successful
  • It’s because they are looking outside themselves for how to define leadership and success for themselves

What is a brand

  • Not just your logo
  • The experience one has with your business
  • The position your business falls in the market place – face it, there are hundreds of astrologers, business astrologers, but have
  • you heard of a brand astrologer
  • What you are

What happens when you’re not authentically branding your business

  • Copy
  • Compare
  • Indecisiveness
  • Can’t focus
  • Stuck
    Trying to be someone else, no impact

What can you see in astrology?

  • What you do so well, your expertise, your authority
    • There are many many people who do what you do
    • But there isn’t anyone else that does what you do, how you do
    • Speaking to a client the other day in the DEI space. Big vision big ideas and successful but just couldn’t figure out how to put everything into words
    • When we looked at her sun sign, and the vastness of it, but then looked at these other relationships, her astrology was able to direct that
  • What you need to feel in order to feel successful and recognized
  • How others see you and the leadership style you’re supposed to step into
  • Your unique approach and method – aka framework
  • How you are meant to deliver your ultimate mission
  • Your brand values that connect with your soul customers and fans
  • Your bigger networks and their energy
  • Your communication style and your big message
  • Your brand promise and the results you really are getting your clients
  • Your WHY – why the heck do you do what you do and why that is so important in how you package your business up
  • Your brand colors and aligned visuals
  • Your team and support systems you need

My AstroBrand™ Framework

  • Your Sun Sign – Radiate Your Brand’s Superpowers
  • Your Moon Sign – Illuminate Your Brand’s Soft Power
  • Your Rising Sign – Elevate Your Brand’s Charm Power

To Dive Deeper in to my Framework

Check out these past episodes to learn more about how you can use my AstroBrand® Framework to apply to your business to help yous how up as the leader you are meant to be.

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