Aries Total Solar Eclipse - Leap Into Your Healing Leadership

by Leslie Tagorda

Aries Total Solar Eclipse

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Leap Into Your Healing Leadership

It’s the first New Moon of the astrological New Year. The Sun, in its sign of exaltation, a true super star in Aries. And this is not just a New Moon, it’s a Solar Eclipse, a turbocharged New Moon where the Sun and Moon are in perfect alignment, the Moon sitting exactly between the Earth and the Sun. This is a potent new beginning that requires a leap of faith. The start of a new cycle, of taking chances and jumping into the unknown. A fresh start of inner trust so deep, that you know that you will land gracefully on your feet, thrilled at where you landed AND thrilled that you overcame your fear to leap.

Key Processes for this Eclipse

  • Solar Eclipse: To leap into the unknown of a new powerful cycle
  • Aries: To lead, initiate, motivate, trailblaze, be your best
  • Chiron: To Heal in others what you can’t heal in yourself
  • North Node: To stretch into your soul and collective purpose
  • Mercury Rx in Aries: To recalibrate fear reactions that block your leadership
  • Mars conjunct Saturn in Pisces: To take committed action with compassion

Heal Your Ability to Lead by Leading

This Eclipse is an eclipse of Eclipses. This powerful Aries Solar Eclipse conjunct Chiron to the exact degree AND minute symbolizing that your Chiron Contribution is inseparable from your Luminary Leadership.

What you can’t heal in yourself, you can heal in others and this is your contribution to the World that makes you a leader. You become the leader through your service to others based on the personal wisdom you gained from overcoming pain and challenge.

Mars, the ruler of this Eclipse in Pisces conjunct Saturn. Mars and Saturn together are a force of focus and commitment. In Pisces, this is a pledge for self-compassion, empathy and emotional connectivity.

And Mercury Rx joins the Aries Stellium allowing you to re-activate how you take charge despite fear because you know that doing right is more important than hiding.

It’s so beautiful it moves me to tears.

Divine Timing

Earlier this year in February, Chiron and the North Node met up, giving us a hint at what we are purposefully meant to stretch into. To see that your wounds are not liabilities, instead they are assets that you need to courageously and vulnerably share so you can be seen as an authentic leader.

And now, the Total Solar Eclipse. This Great American Eclipse cuts through much of North America from the West Coast of Mexico in Mazatlan to the North East Coast of Canada in Nova Scotia.

The next cosmic pulse on this journey towards changing the faces of leadership in 2024.

The Astrology of The Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse In Aries Chart

  • North Node Eclipse asks you to leap into your soul’s purpose
  • Sun, Moon and Chiron at 19º24” asks you to recognize your challenges as gifts of your leadership
  • Aries Stellium (Venus, North Node, Sun, Moon, Chiron, Mercury Rx) asks you to return to knowing and loving yourself deeply. You are born to lead.
  • Mars conjunct Saturn in Pisces asks you to focus on taking compassionate action.

This point will remain active for at least 6 months, meaning you will feel the ripples of impact. This is your reminder to do your shadow work to build emotional tenacity, break cycles and patterns of fear, and practice self compassion as you stretch into your highest self.

What to Build and Dismantle this Aries Total Eclipse

What To Build + Dismantle this Aries Total Solar Eclipse

What to build up

This Aries Total Eclipse energy is ripe for you to:

  • Who you want to be
  • Your leadership that shares the wisdom gained from past challenges
  • Emotional deep dives to confront the root of your fears
  • The power of your differences and individuality
  • Your soul squad or accountability partner to do shadow work
  • Your energy and capacity with compassion
  • How you want to feel as an authentic leader

What to dismantle and resist

This Aries Total Eclipse energy is ripe for you to face

  • Who society says you should be
  • Hiding your challenges and past
  • Silencing secrets and deepest shames, stuck in fear patterns
  • Upholding shames from systems of oppression
  • Trying to face your fears alone
  • Attempt to fix others without their consent
  • Remaining afraid of your own power

New Moon Aries Total Eclipse House Activations to Personalize

Aries Total Solar Eclipse Personalizations

Today I plant the seeds to leap into my healing leadership in my Work’s:

♈️ Aries or 1H: Natural born, initiative-taking identity and guidance
♓️ Pisces or 2H: Values, worthiness and go-get it, resourcefulness
♒️ Aquarius or 3H: Innovative teaching and thought leadership
♑️ Capricorn or 4H: Front-line responsibility to build safe spaces
♐️ Sagittarius or 5H: Heart-centered, joyful, and charismatic vanguard
♏️ Scorpio or 6H: Streamlined systems and quick command
♎️ Libra or 7H: Risk-taking allies and trailblazing partners
♍️ Virgo or 8H: Transformative, powerful healing
♌️ Leo or 9H: Global pioneering, and visionary trend-setting
♋️ Cancer or 10H: Delivery as an expert emotional trailblazer
♊️ Gemini or 11H: Community building and social impact activist
♉️ Taurus or 12H: Passionate soul-affirming wisdom

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