TSL 161: Capricorn Full Moon: Illuminate Systems of Oppression in Your Work

Episode 161: Capricorn Full Moon: Illuminate Systems of Oppression in Your Work

by | Jul 12, 2022

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is about systems. And we live in a society that is full of oppressive systems that teach us to place authority outside of ourselves, work hard to reach goals set by others, doubt our own expertise, and overcommit to work we are not responsible for. Ugh. This full moon is your chance to reveal and illuminate all the ways the system keeps you held back so that you can revolutionize your authority.

In this episode:

  • Working with the Capricorn Full Moon
  • Dismantling Capricorn for change
  • Full Moon personalized reflections based on rising sign
  • Q+A
  • What’s coming up next

Full Moon Capricorn 21°

11:37 AM PT | 2:37 PM ET

Revolutionizing Your Authority
Interpretation co-written with Natalie Miller

This Full Moon in Capricorn illuminates where you trust your expertise, and how you take full responsibility for yourself and your Work . . .

and also where and how you don’t.

This lunation may bring up some intense feelings about your power or lack thereof, along with excellent conditions for exploring what those feelings are revealing to you about your relationship with your own authority.

Today, think of Authority as Authorship. While we cannot control what happens, or what others do and think, we CAN author the narratives that influence our own perspectives and actions. Saturn rules this Full Moon from his other home sign of Aquarius, asking us to clear up our thinking in ways that enable us to Do Better.

In short: this Full Moon asks us to step up, take responsibility, and be the hero of our own story.

One more thing: Uranus together with the North Node is in the mood for Revolution, and these energies’ sextile to the Sun infuses this moon with revolutionary spirit. Sometimes revolution means going back to traditional or ancient ways of doing things; sometimes it propels us forward with quantum tech advances. Change comes in many forms, and it’s a perfect moment to choose the ones that empower you most.

Full Moon in Capricorn House Illuminations

Cancer/Capricorn risings
the axis of relationships
where am I claiming or giving away my power? Who’s the expert?

the axis of effectiveness
where am I overworking? Am I making room to rest?

the axis of creativity
where am I replicating oppression? What needs to change?

the axis of responsibility
where am I not saying NO? Am I accountable or responsible?

the axis of information
where am I believing something just because it’s always been? is it true?

the axis of value
where am I undervaluing my contribution? Is the price equitable?

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