Episode 163: Full Moon in Aquarius: Illuminating Systems Change

Episode 163: Full Moon in Aquarius: Illuminating Systems Change

by | Aug 10, 2022

Full Moon in Aquarius means business this year in illuminating what needs to change in your life and Work. If you aren’t choosing change and making decisions daily to break free of conformity and societal “shoulds” then this full moon might be your breaking point. Your being is activism. You can choose to opt out of oppressive systems. You have permission to follow you own passions and path. You are allowed to have fun for no purpose other than to play. May this Full Moon illuminate all the ways you are breaking through.

In this episode:

  • Astrology of the Full Moon Aquarius 19°
  • Personalized Full Moon Reflections
  • Q+A from The Savvy Luminary
  • Invitation to start a movement of astrology + leadership

Full Moon Aquarius 19°

Augst 11, 2022. | 6:36 PM PT | 9:36 PM ET

Breaking Free of Conformist Shoulds
Interpretation co-written with Natalie Miller

First off: the Full Moon in Aquarius shines hard this year. It’s spotlighting what’s NOT working, and insists you Get Real, fully and completely.

Your ability to manifest your destiny depends on it.

Getting Real with this Moon means fully being with and sorting through your emotions. ALL OF THEM, especially anger. Anger is your ability to take a stand and draw a line in the sand – your boundary. The only way out of the emotional intensity is through moving your bones, so stomp, dance, climb, swim, dig in the dirt, howl at the moon, or or all of the above.

In this moment, you are ready to relate differently to That Which Makes You Unique and Different. Cultural conformity has probably made this aspect of yourself difficult, and maybe even a source of self-judgment or shame.

This lunation insists you stand fully in your Uniqueness, and witness the alchemy that happens when you incorporate all parts of yourself. Deep shame then transforms into profound compassion. What makes you Different ascends into that which makes you Desirable. You then feel free to turn away from any one or any place who wants you to conform, and toward the opportunities and communities that want All of You.

One more thing. Last month’s Full Moon (in Capricorn) awakened you to ways you can revolutionize your Work, either by returning to ancient technologies or by leaping into the newest ones. By this lunation, if you haven’t yet begun your revolutionary shifts, outside events will demand you get to them. 

Cosmic notes for Astro Techies:

  • Sun and Moon square Uranus 18° Taurus 
  • Uranus conjunct North Node
  • Moon conjunct Saturn 22° Aquarius…
  • Moon and Saturn square Mars 25° Taurus 

Full Moon Reflections

  • Aries / Libra Risings:
    Celebrate the changes you’ve made in social impact.
    Let go the idea that you are not good enough so you can shine brightly.
  • Taurus / Scorpio Risings:
    Celebrate the changes you’ve cultivated in your inner life.
    Let go of looking for external symbols of success so you can be confident.
  • Gemini / Sagittarius Risings:
    Celebrate your ability to communicate what you want.
    Let go of limiting self-beliefs so that you can have fun.
  • Cancer /Capricorn Risings:
    Celebrate how you’ve added value.
    Let go of scarcity mindset so you can value play.
  • Leo / Aquarius Risings:
    Celebrate the changes you’ve made in your leadership and relationships.
    Let go of putting others ahead of yourself so you can live boldly.
  • Virgo /Pisces Risings:
    Celebrate the changes you’ve made in your daily wellness practices.
    Let go the need to overwork so you can have fun.

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