Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Scorpio - Alchemizing Wounds to Wisdom

by Leslie Tagorda

Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Scorpio - Alchemizing Wounds to Wisdom

Full Moon Eclipse Scorpio 25°

Get outside and observe! For those in the eastern time zone of North America and all of South America, You’ll be able to catch the entire eclipse. For the rest of North America, Europe, Africa and New Zealand you will be able to catch parts of it.

One of the most intense energies of all year is here with our Total Eclipse in Scorpio on May 15 9:14pm PT / May 16 12:14am ET

I wish I could say that this is a happy go lucky kind of eclipse like our Taurus New Moon Eclipse a few weeks ago.

However, if you’re willing to do the dredge (not drudge) work of facing your fears and investigating all the rough diamonds you’ve been sweeping under the rug, you’re sure to find alchemical gold.

This eclipse is showing us that we need to make space by letting go of the shame and guilt of past hurts through accountability and healing.

Your past wounds are potent when you can bring to light and alchemize the shame you’ve been hiding into invincible vulnerability that calls in those that you are meant to serve.

By healing your Scorpionic shame and resentments, you free yourself from their heavy hold to open and exceed your capacity to receive your wildest dreams in your Work, which was initiated with the Taurus New Moon Eclipse.

What wounds will you alchemize into wisdom that you offer back in your Work?

The collective needs your unique wisdom.

Alchemizing Wounds to Wisdom

What wounds can you bring to light so you can transmute them into gifts you are meant to offer the collective?

Alchemize your wounds. This intense Full Moon eclipse illuminates what you need to emotionally detox from your body and soul once and for all. Your worth and value are being held back from past and intergenerational wounds that want to be alchemized into the healing gifts you heal in others through your Work.

Take a deep breath. Then another. This very powerful total lunar eclipse plunges you into the depths of your heart and soul, where it’s undeniable:

Your ability to receive depends on your awareness and acceptance of your deepest emotional truth.

With both Venus forming a conjunction to Chiron, inspiring us to find the beauty in our healing and bring the value to others, and the Sun squaring Saturn to create structural tension around how things are currently done — you may feel squeezed to death and backed into a corner, yet excited and anticipatory at the same time.

You should probably know that there’s not really an opt-out of the intensity of this lunation. Saturn squares both Sun and Moon, demanding you take full responsibility for your inner and outer worlds. And with the moon so close to the South Node, emotional clearing and releasing is on the celestial agenda.

In one way, the stars are beautifully supportive of an emotional deep dive in this moment. Venus conjoins Chiron, the Wounded Healer, inviting sweet and loving self-compassion to your tender parts. Jupiter is co-present at the very first degree of Aries, expanding this self-compassion into wisdom and generosity for the collective.

With the Sun trine Pluto, there’s ample opportunity to unearth and unpack hidden truths, all of which glow with transformative power. As you bring light to your secrets, you’ll find the strength for a revolutionary act: Being Your Whole Self.

Dive in. Forgive and let go of past mistakes. Explore and release your deepest fears. Bring your shame up out of the depths and into loving kindness. Get support in healing from your traumas on all levels. As you engage, clear, and release that which pulls you under, you’ll ascend into next-level authority.

In your Work, this deep examination and reflection is a vital part of the healing that makes you more attuned to your calling.

Cosmic notes for Astro Techies

  • Full Moon T-square Saturn asks
    What will you commit to letting go? Asha Frost reminds us your wounds are not your fault, but your responsibility to heal.
  • Taurus Stellium (Uranus, North Node, Sun) asks
    What in your body is holding onto old hurts that you can release? Need help? Stretch into your hips.
  • Sun trine Pluto Rx asks
    What deep transformation is being supported?
  • Mars conjunct Neptune asks
    What devotional action will you take?
  • Moon conjunct South Node asks
    What emotional shames, present, past, and generational needs release?
  • Aries Stellium (Jupiter, Chiron, Venus) asks
    How can you make peace with your vulnerabilities to elevate yourself as a leader gifting others what you can’t heal in yourself?

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