Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus - New Cycle of Progress

by Leslie Tagorda

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Jupiter conjunct Uranus

One of the biggest transits of the year, the meet up of giants, Jupiter and Uranus heralds in a new cycle of growth, progress, and revolution in the Earthly realms of Taurus on April 20, 2024 at 7:27 PM PT | 10:27 PM ET.

Jupiter and Uranus meet up about once every 13 years sparking a massive shift in progress related to technology, energy/energetics/physics, space/aeronautic exploration, and everything connected to neuroscience and genetics.

It’s not that at this exact meetup, everything will change. This energy has been building up and will continue to be in orb for at least a month. Just like a New Moon where the Sun and Moon meet up to create a new cycle of intention, this meetup of two giants sparks a new meta-cycle of meaning, purpose, and expansion (Jupiter) with awakening, change, and quantum leaping (Uranus).

On a global level, at previous Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions, there have been massive evolutionary leaps in Communications via computer, Aero/Space travel, Genetics, and Physics (science of energy)

In this episode:

  • A new cycle of progress
  • History of Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions
  • Expanding and Breaking through of Values
  • How leaders and entrepreneurs can harness the energy of Jupiter/Uranus
  • Jupiter/Uranus Horoscope

Last Time Uranus + Jupiter Met up

  • 1941 Taurus – Invention of automatic computers, the discovery of specific gene codes, aircraft technology of WWII
  • 1955 Cancer – Velcro, Domestic Microwave Oven, Wireless Remote Control, Birth of Steve Jobs,
  • 1969 Libra – Apollo Missions to the moon, first presentations of String Theory, First ARPANET messages sent between computers, first documented case of HIV/AIDS in the US – but unknown at the time
  • 1983 Sagittarius – ARPANET protocol officially becomes “Internet”, Mario Brothers first released, First official report of AIDS caused by HIV, First book of multiple intelligences, 3D printing patents, Kilauea starts erupting through 2018
  • 1997 Aquarius – Successful Cloning of a sheep, Steve Jobs returns to Apple, IBM Deep Blue AI wins chess against chess master, Google domain is registered
  • 2011 Aries/Pisces – First artificial organ transplant, SIRI added to iPhone, 7 billion world population, Kepler telescope found an exoplanet in the habitable zone, Discovery of uncharted hydrothermal vents in the Mid Atlantic Ridge, American Psychology associate confirms evidence of ESP, massive advances in electronics, medicine, genetics, climatology, robotics
  • 2024 Taurus – AI revolution? Energy as commerce? Biotech solutions to plastics? Water protection? Long Duration Energy Storage?

On a personal level, this expansion and breakthrough happens to your values, resources, and inner sense of worthiness. We could all use an upgrade there! The thing to remember and claim is what is of value to you. Only you can determine that.

And if you’ve been crumbling under the pressure of not enoughness or comparison, this is the cycle breaking you’ve been dreaming about as you grow too big for your britches in all the right ways.

To use this energy with intention that can span your next 13 years, imagine how you want to accelerate your own growth and value.

It is a perfect time to dream big and take bold steps to exceed your expectations and breakthrough where you’ve felt stuck in place.

The sky gods are aligned so you can invest in what is valuable to you. For quick and lasting wins. For big and revolutionary wisdom. For reclaiming and rematriating Mother Earth for protection.

Remember, that revolution isn’t always about creating something new. Often it is returning to an old way and perceiving it in a new light.

Be sure, you’ll see Indigenous stewards reclaiming land and being recognized for the value and innovation of their ancient technologies.Be sure you’ll  see yourself measuring value in terms of energetic capacity.

Be sure, if you intentionally choose your expansion and breakthrough, you will overcome obstacles and boldly go where you are destined to go.

  • What expectations are you open to exceeding?
  • What revolutions are you open to igniting?
  • What value will you start to measure?

Especially potent for Fixed and Earth signs.

[Power Day] A start to a massive shift.

Jupiter Astrological meaning

Jupiter is a social planet that rules both Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter’s primary process is to expand understanding and belief.  When Jupiter is transiting in your chart it is a time of mindfully expanding spiritually and philosophically

Jupiter asks:

  • For what am I grateful for?
  • How can I optimize/amplify?
  • How can I hold the highest possibility?
  • How can I see the bigger picture and meaning?
  • How am I judging?

Jupiter Inner Awakening Process

To bring awareness, acceptance and healing to:

  • Expands
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Philosophy
  • Religion/Man-made spirituality
  • Gratitude
  • Thanks to gods
  • Temple
  • Excess/Overreach
  • Indulgence

To bring evolution, result and highest expression of:

  • Explores
  • Purpose
  • Big Why
  • Justice/Golden rule
  • Optimism
  • Ritual
  • Place of Higher Learning
  • Maximizes/Optimizes
  • Opportunities

Uranus Astrological meaning

Uranus is the co-ruler of Aquarius. Uranus’s primary process is to awaken, shock, quantum leap, revolutionize. We all need Uranus to be able to turn doubt into mastery.

To bring that inner healing to Uranus, we need to understand its transit significance of confronting and revolutionizing your need for freedom of self expression, and change without going back.

Uranus asks:

  • What needs a breakthrough?
  • Where do I need a shake up?
  • What surprises do I desire?
  • What is rigid that needs freedom?
  • This is Uranus.

Uranus Inner Awakening Process

To bring awareness, acceptance and healing to:

  • Break free
  • Change
  • Rebel
  • Difference
  • Awaken
  • Shake up
  • Shock
  • Uranus’ Outer Expression Process

To bring evolution, result and highest expression of:

  • Break-throughs
  • Innovation
  • Revolution
  • Technology
  • Electricity
  • Quantum Leaps
  • Awe
  • Fascinate

Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus meaning

This Jupiter and Uranus meet up is a giant leap towards very Taurian ideals of earthy practicality, our physical resources and what we value. These two plants are both very similar energies of going fast and big and this allows us to take launch.

The last time these two energies met up in the sky, humans learned how to fly airplane, humans learn how to cross the atmosphere into space for space explorations and humans learned how to create a world wide web to share information globally.

We already saw some of these ripples when the North Node was transiting Taurus. This time around it is showing us that we have to come back to reusing ancient technologies of protecting the earth and managing Earth’s resources.

It is asking us “How do you need to accelerate and upgrade what you value?

What to do when Uranus conjuncts Jupiter?

Jupiter conjunct Uranus Taurus - https://starpowered.com/jupiter-conjunct-uranus-in-taurus-big-leaps/

What to stretch into and reframe

This Uranus and Jupiter meetup energy is ripe for you to:

  • Take big leaps
  • Upgrade your finances and resources for sustainable growth (education, community, land, and food)
  • Uplevel your ability to change and take flight
  • Create and make massion progress in environmental protections

What to dismantle and resist

This Uranus and Jupiter meetup energy wants you to face:

  • Keep up with the status quo
  • Not invest in yourself even if finances seem uncertain
  • Uphold beliefs that prevent change
  • Not do your part to protect Mother Earth

In summary, what does this mean?

On April 20th, Jupiter will conjunct Uranus in Taurus, marking a significant transit focused on monumental growth and transformative breakthroughs, particularly in values, resources, and personal intentions within work. This event encourages individuals to accelerate and upgrade what they value, facilitating quantum leaps towards desired goals. It’s an opportune time to dream big, take bold steps, invest in sustainable growth, and protect the environment.

Jupiter’s influence emphasizes expansion, gratitude, and seeking the bigger picture, while Uranus prompts breakthroughs, revolution, and freedom of expression. Together in Taurus, they signify a push towards practicality, resource management, and environmental protection, echoing past advancements such as aviation and the internet.

During this transit, individuals are urged to take big leaps, upgrade finances for sustainable growth, embrace change, and progress in environmental protection efforts. Conversely, resisting change, neglecting personal investment, and maintaining outdated beliefs are discouraged. Overall, it’s a pivotal time to align actions with values and contribute to positive transformation while nurturing the planet.

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