Jupiter enters Gemini - Amplify Your Engagement

by Leslie Tagorda

Jupiter Astrological meaning

Jupiter is a social planet that rules both Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter’s primary process is to expand understanding and belief.  When Jupiter is transiting in your chart it is a time of mindfully expanding spiritually and philosophically

Jupiter asks:

  • For what am I grateful for?
  • How can I optimize/amplify?
  • How can I hold the highest possibility?
  • How can I see the bigger picture and meaning?
  • How am I judging?

Jupiter Inner Awakening Process

To bring awareness, acceptance and healing to:

  • Expands
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Philosophy
  • Religion/Man-made spirituality
  • Gratitude
  • Thanks to gods
  • Temple
  • Excess/Overreach
  • Indulgence

To bring evolution, result and highest expression of:

  • Explores
  • Purpose
  • Big Why
  • Justice/Golden rule
  • Optimism
  • Ritual
  • Place of Higher Learning
  • Maximizes/Optimizes
  • Opportunities

What is the Gemini Archetype?

  • Airy
  • Mutable
  • Polarity: Sagittarius (information/meaning)
  • Symbol: The Twin
  • Traditional astrology: People closest, siblings, neighborhoods, where you understand yourself through your immediate environment
  • Most judged – changing it’s mind – non binary
  • Ruling Planet Mercury: Communication
  • Curiosity, listening, engaging,conversing, versatility, adaptability
  • Mantra “I THINK”
  • Meaning of Gemini in our Business and brands
    • Understanding your truth
    • Understanding other’s truth – being curious
    • Getting clear
    • Sharing information
    • Giving voice and understanding – calling people into action
  • Rules the 3H in Business
    • Sharing, Networks, Communication, teaching, speaking, writing,

Gemini Archetype in Your Business

Gemini Archetype In your Brand for Jupiter in Gemini

Why it’s important to use the Gemini Archetype?

We need Gemini in our business!

  • To understand your truth
  • To create a clear message
  • To share your message based on shared truth with your people
  • To gain understanding
  • Be curious
  • Hold multiple perspectives
  • To reconnect to your truth (Mercury Rx)
  • To create your powerful message based on shared truth with your community (Mercury Rx conjunct New Moon Eclipse)
  • To empower your voice that calls your people to take action with you. (Jupiter in Pisces)

What happens when you don’t use the Gemini Archetype?

One of the places we collectively have wounding

Systematically we’ve been taught the shadows of Gemini

  • Women not be too smart
  • Gaining information – but what is true? When is it too much? When do we stop trusting ourselves and keep gaining information
  • What to do with the information?

All to serve capitalist and patriarchal hierarchies

  • Be smart, but not too smart
  • Be curious, but don’t challenge the status quo
  • Be understanding, but choose the right side
  • Engage in dialog, but only to persuade others to the right side

Understanding is a spiritual birthright

  • Having a big message – but making it clear and concise so that
    • Others understand
    • We don’t overwhelm
    • We don’t over inform
    • Speak our truth
    • Allow to change mind

Ways to Unlock the Gemini Archetype in your brand and business?

  • Strong Gemini (Sun, Moon, Rising, or Mercury on the Rising / MH)
  • Gemini on the Cusps/Houses – The area of your business where you are meant to share information, gain understanding, engage in dialog
  • Gemini wounds
    • Interceptions (hidden powers, unlocked through embodiment – Taurus), chiron (woundings around being curious, understanding, being smart and Karmic energies
  • Gemini by the Planets – The specific archetypal energy you were born with and get to use
  • Mercury by the sign

Jupiter and Gemini meaning

Gemini is a very social sign, meaning it wants to share information and knowledge. Jupiter wants to expand and exceed expectations.

When these two energies meet, it is asking you to dismantle waiting for things to be perfect before sharing. Instead use this energy to get clear on your message and your philosophy so when you begin to amplify your engagement, it will be more focused on an interaction of your message as you will continue to shift.

This is the time to find your voice, organize your thoughts and your leadership. If you’ve been thinking about writing a book or starting a blog, or starting a podcast, THIS IS THE TIME.

This isn’t the time to go into hiding. With this Jupiter and Gemini energy, it is time to start teaching and sharing your wisdom.

So how will you amplify your engagement this season?

Jupiter enters Gemini Horoscope

Jupiter enters Gemini Horoscope

Explore, discover, and expand the voice of your:

♈️ or 3H: Mindset + Message. Communicate and teach your way.
♉️ or 2H: Results + Values. Share what’s meaningful and important to you.
♊️ or 1H: Thought Leadership. Speak up and take charge.
♋️ or 12H: Philanthropy. Give back and give voice to those in need.
♌️ or 11H: Social Activism. Make your mark by calling your community.
♍️ or 10H: Expertise + Authority. Get to work and tell the world how it’s done.
♎️ or 9H: Purpose + Vision. Get clear on your purpose and broadcast it.
♏️ or 8H: Deepest Power. Trust your inner voice and hold space for “both and”
♐️ or 7H: Collabs + Relationships. Amplify your vision with your visionary partners.
♑️ or 6H: Daily Practices. Create systems to share your wisdom regularly.
♒️ or 5H: Passion + Lifestyle. Give voice to your play and inner child.
♓️ or 4H: Emotional Intelligence. Speak up for safety and security for all.

What to reframe and dismantle when jupiter enters gemini

What to do when Jupiter enters Gemini?

What to stretch into and reframe

This Jupiter and Gemini meetup energy is ripe for you to:

  • Getting clear on your message and philosophy
  • Sharing your Work through writing or speaking
  • Believing in your one-of-a-kind thoughts
  • Teaching your wisdom

What to dismantle and resist

This Jupiter and Gemini meetup energy wants you to face:

  • Wait for it to be perfect before sharing
  • Stay silent or disorganized
  • Think you have nothing to add
  • Keep what you know to yourself

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