Mars enters Gemini - Motivation can be scattered

by Leslie Tagorda

Astrological transits always affect us all in real time — you’ve probably read about what to expect when Mercury is in Retrograde, or Jupiter enters a new sign, but how does these energies apply to you specifically?

This is where your individual birth chart placements come in. When you were born, you came to Earth with a very specific set of energies that are special to you specifically, based on the placement of the planets in the sky. Just because you have a Sun that was in the constellation Capricorn when you were born, doesn’t mean the other planets were also in Capricorn!

In real time, when a planet ingresses into a new sign, if you have those natal energies, notice what energizes and activates for you. Note how this activation feels. If it’s Mars, it’ll gear you up to action; if it’s Mercury, it will prompt you to reassess how you communicate etc.

Regardless, you get to choose how you will express all of these unique energies lighting up different parts of you.

In my free Biz StarCast that talks about the astro weather forecast coming up for the month and how it applies to your Work, (sign up here) I highlight the individual experiences of transits that match the signs of your planets natally. For example, even if a Mercury in Taurus affects everyone, it’ll affect you differently if you have that placement in your natal chart!

This post will excerpt that experience so you can refer back to this whenever you need to understand this part of your chart more.

Mars enters Gemini

Mars enters Gemini

12:56 AM PT | 3:56 AM ET

Motivation can be scattered
What is your true motivation and are you prioritizing the right things?

Mars enters airy chatty Gemini for an extended stay until March 26, 2023, thanks to a Mars Retrograde in October. Normally Mars spends about 6 weeks in each sign. But for the next 6 months, Mars will be here for a longer time. While in scattered Gemini, the energy will be interesting, to say the least. Mars isn’t exactly comfortable in Gemini, as he has no clear way to focus his energy. While things may feel scattered, you can really dig into this energy by prioritizing sharing information and engaging with others. Mars loves initiating and gaining momentum, and at the highest expression Gemini loves creating dialogue and getting curious.

With this extended season, see how you can prioritize gaining info, sharing info, and taking the lead by opening up a conversation — be sure to do just as much listening as chatting!

In October, when Mars moves retrograde in the sky, you’ll get to reenergize your thought leadership and reaffirm your truth. The upcoming Mars Rx is the collective remedy we all need to relieve rampant misinformation, using our thoughts and ideas to be a Word Warrior. Advocate and energize through speaking up, writing down your thoughts and healing through finding the truth.

Mars energy has traditional associations with warriordom, fear and fighting vitality .

A more expanded look at Mars energy is about physical vitality and taking initiative.

And in our Work, Mars energy is the energy to turn fear into action, fight into advocacy, vitality into motivation, and initiative into leadership.

In Gemini, Mars gains momentum through words, thoughts, dialogue, neighborhood and speaking — all Gemini themes.

If you have any natal planets in Gemini

As Mars moves through Gemini, expect your natal planets and angles to get a boost of energy. Be sure to channel this activation productively. Do not try to block it for frustration and anxiety can build up. Instead, harness this energy to advocate, energize and activate your natal planets .

For Luminaries with Mars in Gemini natally…

You are a word warrior. You use your intellect to outsmart and win.

You are motivated by learning and take action when ideas light up your curiosity.

Your ability to take lead and go where your ideas flow can be a great strength.

Don’t dismiss your scattered interests. You can go wide with your interests as long as you are synthesizing and taking action on all that you know. Be aware to learn purely for learning’s sake. Information that you hold won’t do anyone any good if it stays locked up in your head.

Take lead and action by sharing and cross-pollinating what you know.

Advocate through speaking up and using your pen as the sword it deserves.

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