Mercury enters Pisces - Communication Beyond Words

by Leslie Tagorda

Mercury enters Pisces

March 9 ,2022 | 5:32 PM PT | 8:32 PM ET

Communication beyond words

What nonverbal or logical ways are you expressing your business?

In just an hour, Mercury, our planet of understanding and communications moves into Pisces for the next few weeks. Personally, I love this position of Mercury, although traditionally, it’s not a good place for this fast-moving energy. Having Mercury in Pisces is almost like having a Mercury Retrograde because Pisces Mercury doesn’t think linearly or logically.

That doesn’t mean Pisces Mercury is incomprehensible to can’t communicate succinctly. All it means is that there are infinite layers to what messages are being conveyed and the more you overthink, the more the idea slips between your fingers.

In your Work, entrepreneurship, and business, harness Mercury in Pisces to

  • Dream up you next vision
  • Take a guided meditation to reveal the root of an issue or to receive a gift
  • Write a poem for a sales page
  • Assign a color to a feeling to help a client
  • Channel a newsletter or post
  • Listen to music for no reason

For us that have Mercury in Pisces natively, you will either be an Aquarius, Pisces or Aries. Your communications are here to soften, unify and connect others to realms and worlds beyond ours.

You most likely have a knack for music, art or movie making.

For me, I have Mercury in Pisces on my midheaven – a born communicator, a professional classical musician and of course, a spiritual entrepreneur deciphering the symbolic language of the stars for my clients.

It’s taken me a few decades to understand, yet alone master my Pisces Mercury. And as I go through client charts, it’s amazes me how many of us have our communications device in this energy that blends so beautifully.

What is your favorite part of Mercury in Pisces?

Mercury, our thoughts, logic and communications, has now entered Pisces. We had a short few days of crystal clear, forward-thinking before splash! Pisces is anything but logical. Pisces is dreamy, imaginative and much prefers communicating in abstract ways like art, music, or silence. Luckily, Mercury is full speed ahead, spending just a few weeks until March 27 in this watery space. While in Mercury, it’s a good time to think of nonverbal ways to communicate and share your ideas.

For Luminaries with Mercury in Pisces natally, you are imaginative and don’t always express yourself clearly. You’re not meant to express yourself in tangible ways, so instead, lean into your poetic expressions. Even in your business and marketing, give yourself permission to paint, haiku, or sing to get your point across. Also, note how you are a channel to other ways of knowing and expressing. Your best ideas often come through you from other realms. If this is the first time you’re hearing this, get curious and experiment with bringing through wisdom from your intuition or beyond.



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