Episode 164: Mercury Retrograde: Decolonize Your Thinking

Episode 164: Mercury Retrograde: Decolonize Your Thinking

by | Sep 8, 2022

My original intention to share the wisdom of Mercury Retrograde in your work relationships (Libra) and service to others (Virgo) this episode was at the last minute put on a different path. As I’ve been relating more regularly to my Spirit Guides, they clearly showed me that I needed to go off script and talk about how we all need to use this reset cycle to decolonize our mindset in order to do our true Work this Mercury Rx. In this episode, a replay of a live masterclass, we unravel all the mindset and mentality to reframe, reset and realize true reconnection and reintegration in our service to others with our truest co-creators.

In this episode:

  • 7 ways to decolonize your thinking
  • What Mercury Rx wants you to do
  • How to personalize this Mercury Rx in your Work

Full Moon Aquarius 19°

September 9, 2022 | 8:38 PM PT | 11:39 PM ET

Rethinking healthy partnership
What needs reorganizing in your reciprocal relationships?

For the next 3+ weeks, Mercury shifts into reverse, giving us a thrice yearly reset. Mercury Retrogrades are times to reboot, reorganize, redo, readjust and take your foot off the gas.

When you purposefully work with Mercury Rx by slowing down and being more intentional about resetting, you won’t have the frustrations of trying to rush when the Universe wants you to reduce your speed.

This Mercury Rx cycle dances with Venus, Jupiter and Pluto, defining how you rethink your collaborations, co-creative processes and healthy relationships.

Your work exists in a beautiful reciprocal cycle of give and receive. Are those in your circles contributing in beautiful exchange, or are there people who are draining, especially during this cycle, that need to be reconsidered or repositioned? This cycle will reveal how to make your relationships more harmonious and balanced for the expansion for all.

Mercury Libra 8° back to Virgo 24°

3 Astrological influences for this MRx

  • 14°, 24 days
  • Mercury Rx Venus conjunction 9/26
    Asks what values need rethinking or reconnection
  • Mercury Jupiter opposition 9/2, 9/18, 10/12x
    Notice the themes asking you to realign your beliefs about your ability to lead.
  • Mercury Pluto trine 8/22, 9/27, 10/6
    Notice the themes asking you to reexamine what is true for you now.

7 things to Decolonize Your Thinking this Mercury Rx Libra – Virgo

Receive your truth
Opt out of over thinking, over analyzing and second guessing your truth. The system is designed to separate you from your inner knowing.

Reframe your wisdom
Unsubscribe from mentalities that say your way isn’t important or of value. You have generations of wisdom already in you.

Reweave your roots
Unravel toxic messages and media that strangle and create narrow definitions of leadership, beauty, and expertise. Your roots matter.

Rewire your values
Untangle the outward markers of success like money, followers, and rugged independence. You are interconnected and your values are unique to you.

Reconnect to your spirit guides
Abdicate from the idea that there is only one way to spirit. You have access to your divine right. They are waiting for your relationship.

Reset your nervous system
Unplug from the hustle culture that prizes productivity and efficiency over all costs. Your daily patience and restoration cultivates prosperous peace and effectiveness.

Realize you are whole and loved
Unbox all the ways you feel separate or less than. Reconnect to all that makes you whole (not perfect) and loved, just the way you are. You belong.

Mercury Rx Schedule

Mercury Rx Libra Schedule COVER


  • 8/21 Enters shadow zone – Virgo 24°
    What are you noticing in relationships that need reorganization or re-defintion?
  • 9/9 Station retrograde – Libra 8°
    What needs reorganizing in your reciprocal relationships?
  • 9/22 or 9/23 Midpoint combust – Libra 0°
    What new re-considerations are now being fully illuminated where you must express boundaries
  • 10/2 Station direct – Virgo 24°
    What plan of action will you take to call in your soul collaborators soul customers, and soul co-creators
  • 10/17 Leaves shadow zone – Libra 8°
    Fully embrace your new role in powerful relationships and stand in your power

Personalize Your Mercury Rx

Reveal the area of your Work
What part of your Work needs re-evaluation?
The house(s) that contain Libra 8° – Virgo 24° will be highlighted three times. Asking you to rethink this area of your life, business and Work.

Review your natural processes
Which actions need a jump start and renew?
If you have natal planets near or aspecting Libra 8° – Virgo 24°, they want a say in this retrograde cycle. Each planet represents a different process. If you have a planet being pinged, what about their process wants to be rethought?

Reflect on your roles in your Work
Which roles need reconsideration?
If you have angles (rising, descendant, midheaven or imum coeli) near Libra 8° – Virgo 24°, they want to chime in. These directions relate to a role you have in your life and Work. What needs to be reconsidered?

Remember to Work with the phases
Where are you in the cycle?
This reboot cycle happens in phases, how will you work with the energy instead of against it?

  • Phase 1 8/21-9/9: Notice mishaps and glitches
  • Phase 2 9/10 – 9/22: Slow down to reflect
  • Phase 3 9/23 – 10/2: Connect the dots
  • Phase 4 10/3 – 10/17: Make a plan

Mercury Rx Libra – Virgo House Re-aliztions

Mercury Rx in Libra/Virgo invites you to rethink and reconnect to your:

1H (maybe ♎ ⬆): Leadership Role
2H (maybe ♍ ⬆): Valuable Relationships
3H (maybe ♌ ⬆): Communication Collaborators
4H (maybe ♋ ⬆): Family-like Partners
5H (maybe ♊ ⬆): Passionate Co-Creators
6H (maybe ♉ ⬆): Organizational Partners
7H (maybe ♈ ⬆): Soul Customers
8H (maybe ♓ ⬆): Transformational Accomplices
9H (maybe ♒ ⬆): Explorer Comrades
10H (maybe ♑ ⬆): Goal Getters
11H (maybe ♐ ⬆): Impact Allies
12H (maybe ♏ ⬆): Wisdom

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