Saturn enters Pisces - Prioritize Your Flow

by Leslie Tagorda

Saturn enters Pisces - Prioritize Your Flow

Importance of Saturn in astrology

Saturn, the planet of master, achiemevent and structure. The process of saturn is to focus, contract, prioritize, crystallize, design, architect, mature, commit, long term.

Importance of Pisces in Astrology

Pisces, the energy to create ease and flow in your business and Work. As a Spiritual Entrepreneur you’ve revolutionizing the way you work to avoid hustle and overdrive. The power of Pisces connects you to your Divine, magical self to make life and Work easier and more in flow. Through interconnectedness, you access your vast inner knowing through Pisces strengths like dreaming, visioning, music, imagery, poetry. Pisces is beyond logic and you have this energy somewhere in your chart to enable you to bring flow and connection to your Soul Workings.

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What happens when Saturn enters Pisces?

This is one of the most significant energy shifts of the year. Saturn is done with restructuring Aquarian ideals and now ready to bring maturation to Piscean themes. Saturn takes about 30 years to circle the Zodiac, the last time Saturn was in Pisces was between May 1993- April 1996.

Think back to 30 years ago to the experiences you endured that helped you gain a level of spiritual and emotional maturity.

And if you are a lucky soul about to approach your Saturn Return, those around 30 or between 58-60, this is a significant fresh start for you. The feelings you’ve had of letting go and molting your circumstances are real so you can make room to crystallize into something even more.

And if you’re a Pisces Rising, sometime over the next few years, you will have a similar feeling to the above Saturn return, where you consciously or unconsciously let go, of identities, roles, positions, and business offers… to room for a new success cycle.

For all of us, in this Saturnian season of Pisces, we will learn to bring mastery and deepen our empathy, spirituality, flow states, connection to the divine, and connection to all.

Saturn in Pisces placement

Luminaries born 1964-65 and 1993-1994 expect your Saturn Returns, a time that can be experienced as challenging but you are reaching a new level of maturity and creating boundaries for things you no longer need at this new status.

Sun, Moon, Rising in early degrees of Pisces expect Saturn to impact parts of your core being. If you feel blue, do not mistake this for depression, instead, see it as an opportunity for you to go inward and focus the compassion you reserve for others on yourself. Learn to say no to things that do not fit into your definition of success and responsibility.

Saturn enters Pisces

Reframe (do, energy ripe for)

  • Pause and go inward to reflect
  • Commit to your spirituality and emotional well being
  • Crystallize the wisdom of your compassion and empathy
  • Set emotional boundaries
  • Prioritize your flow

Dismantle (Don’t, resist urge to)

  • Be busy for busy sake
  • Commit out of duty or obligation
  • Be Responsible for other people’s wisdom
  • Hold others accountable for your emotions
  • Put other’s priorities before yours

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