Super Full Moon in Sagittarius: Illuminate Your Belief

Episode 159: Super Full Moon in Sagittarius: Illuminate Your Belief

by | Jun 13, 2022

Divine timing, I’m recording this on my emergence day as the sun crosses my ascendant at Gemini 22° – I share with you a new belief, a new energy and reflections for this Super Full Moon in Sagittarius. This full moon integrates energies of the Total eclipse at the same degree in December 2020, our recent Mercury Rx and our current Saturn Rx. It’s all in divine timing. And Divine timing is wondering if you believe in yourself. If you do, all your possibilities are possible. If you can’t believe in the possibility of your vision, I’m sorry to say, it is guaranteed to not become a reality. Harness this Full Moon to illuminate what limiting self beliefs you need to let go and what beliefs come reality need celebration.

In this episode

  • Full Moon meaning
  • Why it’s important to reflect
  • Astrology of Sagittarius Full Moon
  • Personalizing your Full Moon
  • 5 Journal illuminations for this Full Super Moon in Sagittarius
  • Flash Full Moon bonus for Star Powered Summer

Super Full Moon in Sagittarius

Super Full moon in Sagittarius is here asking you to illuminate your beliefs.

Sagittarius ♐️ takes aim at your purpose and vision. You use Sagittarius energy to explore and expand your possibilities.

But you can get stuck, feeling like your legs don’t have the mobility to get you where you aim.

This is where the Full Moon comes in. A time of reflection because you can fully see in the light of the Gemini Sun all that keeps from moving.

With this Sagittarius Full Moon you are asked to illuminate your beliefs, release limiting self beliefs by recognizing they exist and thanking yourself for how far you’ve already come.

To personalize, grab your birth chart and discover the house polarity that contains Sagittarius 23° for deeper insight.

Where are you not believing in your …

  • 1H/7H: Self and relationships
  • 2H/8H: Worthiness and trust
  • 3H/9H: Ideas and vision
  • 4H/10H: Ancestry and legacy
  • 5H/11H: Creativity and contribution
  • 6H/12H: Work and bliss

Not sure how to find the house that contains Sagittarius 23° on your birth chart? My mini-course Written In The Stars is for you.

Full Moon Sagittarius 23°

June 14, 2022 | 4:51 AM PT | 7:51 AM ET

Illuminating True Self-Appreciation

This Full Moon invites us to reflect back into the heart of the eclipse cycle of 2020-21, when there was a total solar eclipse (New Moon) at this same degree of Sagittarius. Look back at your calendar, journal, and communications to see what was emerging for you around December 14, 2020.

Now is the time to celebrate how far you’ve come.

Applaud the ways in which you’ve created a new paradigm, and adopted a new belief system for yourself. Appreciate – meaning, give more power and more value to – the ways in which you’ve broken free from a limited and limiting self-concept.

At the same time, Mars conjunct Chiron pokes you to notice anything that remains of your old doubts and fears. It’s time to sever any last ties to limiting beliefs that make you over-give, over-share, under-price, or under-estimate yourself.

With the Sun trine Saturn, it’s the perfect time to articulate better boundaries and more self-honoring policies. Moon square Neptune asks you to lean into self-compassion and connection with Spirit as you do so. Your creative integrity depends on your deep honoring of the interconnectedness of mind and body, and soul.

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