Chiron, The Wounded Leader

Episode 167: Chiron, The Wounded Leader

by | Oct 6, 2022

We all have Chiron in our charts and we all have core wounds to heal. Chiron, the Wounded Healer in mythology is a victim, perpetrator and a healer. Chiron’s archetypal story is needed now, more than ever, especially since we are coming to the Chiron return of Chiron’s discovery. In this episode, I share Chiron’s story and meaning in your astrology so you can turn your wounds to wisdom in your midlife awakening as well as your impactful offers in your Work. When we all begin to alchemize Chiron’s healing journey in our life and Work we become more impactful healers and more compassionate leaders. The Work we offer through Chiron’s lessons are rich with wisdom, value and transformation.

In this episode:

  • My Chiron Return
  • Who Chiron is
  • The Origin of Chiron
  • Your Special Invitation to my Chiron Workshops

Upcoming Chiron Workshops

Chiron and Midlife Awakening (with Nadia Ahrens)

Chiron and Midlife Awakening

October 17 – November 7
An astrological healing journey guided by Leslie Tagorda and Nadia Ahrens

Chiron The Wounded Leader

Chiron, The Wounded Leader

October 27 – November 17
Designing Your Offers through Your Healing Wisdomby Leslie Tagorda

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