TSL 165: Connecting and Releasing this Equinox with Asha Frost

Episode 165: Connecting and Releasing this Equinox with Asha Frost

by | Sep 21, 2022

Asha Frost, Indigenous Medicine woman, joins me in this episode about the autumnal Equinox. Together we explore the significance of this balance between light and dark, how societies across the globe celebrated and what we can do to decolonize our beliefs to get back to our beautiful truth this season. This Equinox, sparking Libra season is the same day as the mid point of our Mercury Retrograde AND a few days before the Libra New Moon asking us to rewire our values, what we love and appreciate that are outside societal’s outward markers. Then Buffalo medicine joins us, supporting us to trust what needs releasing so we can reclaim what is fully ours.

Meet Asha Frost

As a child, I was called a seer by my ancestors. They would visit me nightly through my dreams and visions. I was a sensitive soul who was awakening to this Medicine Person within.

In my late teens, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, Lupus. This illness became my gateway to an incredible spiritual journey. Due to colonization, marginalization and oppression, I had been disconnected from my roots. My journey has been about reconnecting to my rich heritage of being an Ojibway woman and all of the brilliant teachings and medicines that surround me. Lupus opened me up to remembering who I truly am. Medicine Woman, Healer, Mentor, Soul Seer. These are my original instructions.

As I remembered who I was, I began to feel my spirit soar. Constantly connecting to my truth and honouring myself, my body began to heal and I ultimately knew that the divine healing that shows up for me, is possible for everyone.

I have worked as a Medicine Person for almost 2 decades and have facilitated thousands of ceremonies through individual appointments, healing circles, retreats and workshops.

My journey continues to lead me to my original instructions as Healing Rainbow Woman. My name informs me to be the bridge between worlds and people. To honour the essence, beauty and light in each person that crosses my path. Every single day, I am grateful to witness miracles, healing, and a return to love in myself and those around me.

I truly believe that the journey never ends, it simply evolves and illuminates. I would love to be of service to you in your life as you root down into your own way, heal through your wounds and connect to your most authentic path.

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