North Node conjunct Chiron - Awaken Collective Leadership

by Leslie Tagorda

Chiron North Node conjunction

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North Node conjunct Chiron in Aries

02/19 – Awaken collective leadership – North Node conjunct Chiron at 1:12 PM PT / 4:12 PM ET You are standing at the threshold of a new cycle of collective leadership, it’s time to awaken to your unique role in this transformative journey. This is about more than just leading; it’s about embodying the Chiron process, healing in others what seems elusive in yourself, and stretching into your soul’s purpose with the North Node’s guidance. Recognize your past wounds and challenges not as burdens, but as invaluable gifts you’re meant to contribute to the world. It’s time to take a stand, be seen, and be recognized for who you truly are. It’s about uplifting and guiding others and understanding the unique wisdom you’ve gained from your healing journey. However, this path also requires you to consciously avoid certain pitfalls. Resist the urge to succumb to fear or shame regarding your leadership abilities or your personal challenges. Don’t hide or deny the strengths that make you an effective leader. Your individual contribution is a vital piece of the larger puzzle of societal evolution and collective consciousness. By embracing your role in this healing collective, you become a beacon of change, guiding others towards a more equitable future.

How will you awaken your new cycle of collective leadership?

[Power Day] Feel into the power that healing can bring, especially as it connects you to your purpose.

Especially potent for Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) and Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Chiron Astrological meaning

Chiron is the wounded healer, and in Aries, I like to say the wounded leader. The healer / leader, through their challenges and lived experiences who has learned compassion, vulnerability, courage, and giving back. Chiron, symbolized by a key, is a key to your leadership and business success. Chiron represents, what you can’t heal in yourself, but you can heal in others. Chiron takes you on your healing path, the path of discovery as you look for answers to your ultimate Chiron wound … Am I safe? Am I enough? Do I belong? Do I matter? Your personal wisdom you pick up looking to answer these Chiron questions, is the gift you are born to give back through your Work and leadership.

We all have Chiron in our charts. We all have core wounds to resolve and heal. Chiron, became a sought after and talented healer in his quest to heal himself. And just like Chiron, who was never able to heal his mortal wound that should have killed him, took his gifts of healing and shared it with the world – you will too.

This is Chiron.

Want to learn more about your Chiron? Take a listen to this podast episode: Episode 167: Chiron, The Wounded Leader

North Node Astrological meaning

The collective North Node, currently in Aries, is where human or collective consciousness is stretching and moving towards. A soul potential you and “we” are meant to embrace and become at the highest possibility. This can be confusing in Aries, as the low vibes like selfishness, hyper-independence, stubbornness, and conflict can come up. Instead, the North Node is stretching all of us to move into the evolution and highest possibilities of Aries: knowing thyself, being your best self, walking your own path, and interdependence (mutual dependence on each other).

This is North Node.

Chiron + North Node Meeting up in Aries meaning

When two energies meet up, it’s like a New Moon. A new cycle, a fresh beginning, a time of setting an intention, of awakening: a North Node collective soul potential and a Chiron wounded healer / leader. To me, I call this Awakened Collective Leadership. This is your call, to know yourself, your healing path, your gift of contribution in your Work and leadership. And an awakening to see that your WAY, your journey, and YOU are born to contribute, heal and lead. You’ve been feeling this call. Now it’s time to decide how YOU will rise up, step up onto the path of wounded healer / leader.

What to do when North Node conjunct Chiron?

What to stretch into and reframe

This North Node / Chiron meetup energy is ripe for you to:

  • Know how you are meant to lead
  • See your wounds and challenges as the gifts you are mean to contribute
  • Take a stand, be seen, and recognized
  • Empower individuality, equality and community

What to dismantle and resist

This North Node / Chiron meetup energy wants you to face:

  • Be fearful of leading
  • Be shameful of your wounds and challenges
  • Hide and deny your strengths
  • Uphold systems of personal and political oppression

In Summary, what does this mean?

Chiron and the North Node meetup starts a new cycle of awakening your one-of-a-kind leadership. To recognize that you are born to lead simply because you have been on your healing path and that your vulnerabilities are your strengths. Your lived experiences and the work you’ve done to heal yourself make you a wise, compassionate, courageous, and generous leader. The world needs more of these types of leaders right now. Will you recognize your way and make that your consensual contribution? What do you want your leadership to look like? Who do you want it to help? And how will it change the world?

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