November 2023 Biz StarCast - Energize Your Purpose

by Leslie Tagorda

November 2023 Biz StarCast – Energize Your Purpose

November feels: Bold, volcanic, energetic, purposeful, visionary

This month It’s a push and pull as you balance the intensity of Scorpio and the grandios of Sagittarius. You get to elevate and achieve your dreams by setting up boundaries and promising not to over-do-it.

As we shift into the Sagittarian energy, with Mercury, Sun and Mars this month, they must initiate with Saturn in Pisces first. Saturn in Pisces acts as a gatekeeper. A bouncer if you will. Saturn turns away all the over-do-it Sagittarius shadow’s of Mercury to over-think (Mercury in Sag 11/9), Sun to over-create (Sun in Sag 11/22), and Mars to over-commit (Mars in Sag 11/24); to instead integrate and focus on what is just right for you and your soul purpose this November.

November opens up with first a Jupiter transit followed by a Saturn transit. Expand, contract is definitely the theme this month.

Jupiter faces off with the Sun on November 2 and lights up the night sky almost all month. Look East and the bright rising planet after sunset is Jupiter. Jupiter is in his full moon phase sitting across the Scorpio Sun, lighting up the night sky. Jupiter asks you to DECIDE to savor all the small moments, the still moments, the moments you can say yes to yourself. This delight is a choice for you to make. To say no to the scarcity of rushing around. When you say yes to making time to fully savor even the smallest experiences, will you find Jupiter’s grand Taurean abundance and pleasure. All month you’ll be able to receive this abundant gift. Bask in the light of Jupiter!

Then, Saturn Rx puts on the breaks and shifts into direct on Nov 4 but essentially not budging from his spot at Pisces 0º all month. Collectively it can feel like a pressure cooker as Saturn comes to a standstill. Yet, since June, Saturn has been strategizing and restructuring your flow and crystallizing your intuitive expertise. If you’ve truly worked with this energy in the last few months, you’ve gained clarity in trusting your intuition and spidey sense.

When Saturn moves forward, you will be working at a higher consciousness, because you’ve turned on, tuned in and mastered your intuitive gifts so that you can operate with more ease and flow. You now intuitively trust what is yours and what is NOT yours, that you can politely decline. How’s that for gracefully setting boundaries?

Opening up the second week of November, Venus returns to her home sign of Libra, in all her glory and power, giving us the time to connect and attract the people and partnerships we need in our life to thrive #relationshipsmatter.

In order to dream and go big, Saturn firmly puts his threshold down and says, if you want to dream big and maximize, you must prioritize your Piscean ease, and flow.

Mid month is rather quiet except a Scorpio New Moon. All Scorpio moons are intense that’s just nature of playing with power. This time, the power comes from within – within you.

By the end of the month, Mars will enter Sagittarius that opposes the Full Moon in Gemini. And lucky us, that Gemini moon, ruled by Mercury will have also entered their final shadow zone of 2023, preparing us for our last Mercury Rx of the year.

In November say yes and dream big. But first, decide your firm no.

November Cosmic Shifts

  • Saturn Retrograde ends Pisces 0° (Nov 4)
  • Venus enters Libra (Nov 8)
  • Mercury enters Sagittarius (Nov 9)
  • Sun enters Sagittarius (Nov 22)
  • Mars enters Sagittarius (Nov 24)


  • New Moon Scorpio 20° (Nov 13)
  • Full Moon Gemini 4° (Nov 27)

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