Episode 83: AstroBrand® Design: Astrology Keys for Website Success

by | Apr 26, 2024

If you are a changemaker, you need a place online that is the central hub of everything that you do. Because if you’re only relying on social media to get followers and get contacts and if that social media platform goes away, how are you going to connect to your people? So that’s why you need a website or a sales page where you can collect emails to share and direct the world to where you want them to go. So today, we’re going to talk about the pitfalls and how to make things easier when you are creating a window to your work’s soul using the AstroBrand® Method!

⏱️ Timestamps:

  • Introduction to the Importance of Having a Central Hub Online 0:00
  • Reflecting on Recent Astrological Events 4:42
  • My Journey into Web Design and Branding 13:26
  • Integrating Astrology into Website Creation 23:10
  • Free Web Planning Guide Preview 28:28
  • Emphasizing the Role of Websites as a Window to Your Brand’s Soul 34:43
  • Ways to Work with Me 36:07

What Your Website Needs

To put together a website in the AstroBrand® way takes the guess work out of what to say and what colors to choose and adds an extra one-two-punch with making the website impactful in getting to the heart of the brand’s (business, organization or individual) beliefs, values and why someone would want to work with the brand.

A website needs POSITIONING

  • Who does this brand serve? What is the shared identity?
  • What does this brand offer that is of value?
  • Why does this brand exist and what’s their beliefs and values?
  • How does this brand do what they do? What’s their secret sauce and method?

People don’t take action on “what” – they buy WHY and HOW!

A website needs VOICE

  • Personality that evokes the feelings and style of the brand
  • Ideology that encompasses the values, purpose, mission and vision that calls in your tribe.
  • Calls to action that inspire people to act upon your goals (join, buy, discover) by anticipating and answer their questions before they ask.
  • Concise and searchable keywords and phrases that create stickiness in the World Wide Web

A website needs STYLE

  • Colors that vibe with the frequency and identity of yourself that attracts your people
  • Imagery that illustrate your brand mood, values and offerings.
  • Fonts that are in congruence to the style yet are easy to read and hierarchical in nature for scan-ability.

The AstroBrand® Method was born of all this website design and development experience because a website requires ALL these facets of a brand.

I’m so passionate about folx having a website that is functional, beautiful and inspires action whether you are creating a 1-page sales page or a full-blown multipage website.

3 Ways To Get Your Website to Work For You


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