Episode 63: December 2023 Biz StarCast – Recommit to Your Mission

by | Nov 29, 2023

December 2023 Biz StarCastGive yourself a hug —you made it through another 12 months. You’ve made daily choices to get to where you are now. Feeling accomplished!? Yes! You’ve done so much. Now is the time to carve out space to reflect and restore so you can reignite for the year ahead. Feeling resigned!? It’s ok, life is an experiment, so time to redefine your desired outcomes and redirect your energy to try again. You are a changemaker, always refining and redesigning for where you are at now.
In December we are asked to hold space for many planetary movement shifts. From Neptune shifting forward in the first week, to Mercury shifting backwards at the New Moon on 12/12 and then Jupiter shifting forward at the tail end of the year. When we have a month with this kind of stops and changes of direction, it can feel quite discombobulating. The key here is to intentionally make space, carve out time for stillness. It won’t be easy, and it might even be uncomfortable to be still against the grain of a busy holiday season.

The New Moon in Sagittarius, coincides with our final Mercury Retrograde. It’s not the time of year to be setting intentions per say. Instead it’s a time for reflection and recalibration. Pausing and looking back to take stock of how you’ve lived your purpose or where you may need to shift and recommit. No judgment, it’s been a wild year. It’s ok if you haven’t accomplished what you set out to, but now is your chance to re-do.

A week later, Solstice coincides with the midway point of the Mercury Retrograde, aka Combust where this blaze of light and illumination at this Solar standstill. It’s quite an energy to behold. Reminder, to be hold is to be still so you can absorb this frequency.

The final days between Christmas and the New Year are anything but quiet in the sky. And again, I urge you to carve out time for stillness. The Full Moon, Big Spirit Moon in her home sign of Cancer is vast and brilliant, and asks you to be the master of your destiny and emotional security. As our second Full Moon in Cancer, this 13th Full Moon reminds you, you are here to be a leader. To be a leader means to take risks. And to take risks to trailblaze takes trust in yourself that comes from emotional security. You got this.

And as we close out the year, Jupiter comes to a standstill on the point of the Lunar Eclipse in October. Connecting all the dots you got a chance to explore this year. Sustainable growth, enoughness, worthiness, values, embodiment. You are worthy. Jupiter at this point in the sky reminds you that all you’ve endured this year, has added to your purpose, your creation, and your value.

It’s been an honor serving you this year.

December Cosmic Shifts

  • Mercury enters Capricorn (Dec 1)
  • Venus enters Scorpio (Dec 4)
  • Neptune Retrograde ends Pisces 24° (Dec 6)
  • Mercury Retrograde begins Capricorn 8°29’ (Dec 12)
  • Sun enters Capricorn (Dec 21)
  • Mercury Retrograde enters Sagittarius (Dec 22)
  • Venus enters Sagittarius (Dec 29)
  • Jupiter Retrograde ends Taurus 5 (Dec 30)


  • New Moon Sagittarius 20° (Dec 12)
  • Full Moon Cancer 4° (Dec 26)

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