Episode 72: Aquarius New Moon: Change Begins With You

by | Feb 6, 2024

Aquarius New Moon: Change Begins With You

The Aquarius New Moon is where 2024 really sparks, always bringing in the Lunar New Year. And this New Moon and how it’s perfectly timed before the North Node / Chiron conjunction, then the Chiron Aries Eclipse, right before the great Jupiter / Uranus meet up… this New Moon is the literal spark to set off these chains of events that will catapult you into your changemaking leadership —— if first you face the change that still needs to be cracked open. In this episode, I share the details and importance of this New Moon so you can be the change. It truly stars and starts with you.

In this episode:

  • Aquarius New Moon
  • On ramp to Changing the Faces of Leadership
  • How you can own your differences to make your mark
  • New Moon Personalizations

New Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius New Moon 2024
02/09 – Change Begins with You – New Moon Aquarius 20° at 2:59 PM PT / 5:59 PM ET. This is the new moon where 2024 really sparks. The Aquarius New Moon always heralds in the Lunar New Year, celebrated by billions in Asia and now globally. In Chinese astrology, this lunar new year brings in the year of the Dragon, who is yang, active energy symbolizing change, power, opportunity and success. I’m not an expert in Chinese astrology, yet in Western Tropical astrology, I do see we are on the precipice of big changes and progress. This New Moon is the first New Moon that happens after Pluto enters Aquarius and occurs days before the North Node and Chiron meet up in Aries and a few months before Jupiter and Uranus, one of Aquarius’ rulers meet up in Taurus. To say this Aquarius New Moon is about change, is an understatement!

In times like these, where we are all simultaneously feeling like we can’t make a difference in the big global humanitarian, environmental, and climate crises, we must remember that each one of us can make a difference. Even small changes collectively add up to bigger and bigger changes in a butterfly effect.

And this change starts from within YOU.

Your choice to KNOW your unique way of making a difference… AKA being a change maker and leader (yes, YOU!)

And your choice to SHINE brightly what you are here to contribute that only you can do. To be seen, to be heard, to be known to YOUR people.

This SHINE and DIFFERENCE-making is how you MAKE YOUR MARK. How you change the world, first starting within, then changing one person, then your circle of friends, then your community and then the FUTURE.

This New Moon asks you to explore your one-of-a-kind knowing and wisdom and pour that forth. After all, in the vessel 🏺of the Water Bearer is YOUR wisdom that Aquarius, an Air sign shares with humanity to build a better and just future for society.

  • What differences do you still feel ashamed or uncertain of that you need to alchemize into your unique knowing?
  • How do you want to pour forth your unique knowing, intelligence and wisdom?
  • What people will best benefit from your knowledge?
  • What are the shared social values and vision of the future you hold?
  • What communities hold those shared values and vision?
  • How can you participate in those communities?
  • How can you LEAD and make a difference in those communities?

This is what the Aquarius New Moon wants you to explore as you begin to open up to the ways you will change the faces of leadership.

New Moon in Aquarius Personalizations

Aquarius New Moon Personalizations

Today I plant the seeds to spark the change within myself so I can make a lasting difference in my community and society through my:

  • Aries (or 11H*): Greater humanitarian impact and community leadership
  • Pisces (or 12H): Ability to reform ease and justice for the people
  • Aquarius (or 1H): Brand awareness and innovative leadership
  • Capricorn (or 2H): Equitable and social justice values
  • Sagittarius (or 3H (maybe Sagittarius Rising): Genius communications and how I share knowledge
  • Scorpio (or 4H): Rebellious emotional truth and safe communities
  • Libra (or 5H): Eclectic creative joy, pleasure and purpose
  • Virgo (or 6H): Smart automations and ability to delegate with tech
  • Leo (or 7H): Collaboration with my change-making, misfit co-creators
  • Cancer (or 8H): Innovative ways to transform and leverage liabilities
  • Gemini (or 9H): Expansive vision and philosophical changemaking
  • Taurus (or 10H): Ultimate mission in my humanitarian work

Note: The house that contains Aquarius 20° is the area of your brand and leadership that desires a fresh intention.

* Big dreams time – this once a year intention sets the stage – not only for this area of your Work – but for your entire next year’s harvest. Pick your seeds that will grow for the next year.

Written In the Stars LIVE 2024!

AstroBrand® Written In the Stars

To maximize this energy, I am acting on my quest to CHANGE THE FACES OF LEADERSHIP (not only my theme of the year, but our business vision).

Mark your calendars because I’m teaching LIVE for the first time in 2 years, Written in the Stars for 5 days, February 26-March 1. Written In The Stars is my foundational AstroBrand® training where I teach you to read your natal chart from an inner awakening and outward leadership way.

I show you the:

  • Zodiacal archetypes: their leadership strengths and areas for growth
  • Houses: areas they symbolize in your life and brand/business
  • Planets: the processes they rule that help you market, sell, lead and more
  • Aspects: the relationships between planets that show how they activate

This is the first step to taking any other training in my entire AstroBrand® Library or Certification.

So if you’re being called to find your enoughness so you can make the difference you are BORN to make, this is your chance this year to take this course LIVE with me.

In March, I’ll also be teaching live, the next step, Star Powered Position where we will uncover your WHAT, WHY, HOW and for WHOM of your brand and leadership so you can build a solid foundation that makes your mark.

Mark your calendars and sign up for the waitlist here, I’ll be offering a special bundle pricing and opening doors next week.

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