Episode 78: Libra Lunar Eclipse – Seeing Your Unseen Fears

by | Mar 22, 2024

Our upcoming Libra Lunar Eclipse is here to reveal all the ways we’ve been held back from the shadows of Libra’s people-pleasing and fear of collaboration and how this fear truly holds you back from your luminary leadership. In this episode I want to explore the opening of the Aries/Libra eclipse season portal and what this means for you in your change-making Work. I also go over some of the people-pleasing tendencies that leaders do and how that can be a block to your luminary leadership.

In this episode:

  • Opening of the Eclipse Portal 02:11:41
  • Libra Lunar Eclipse: 05:03:30
  • Shadows of Libra: 7:15
  • Astrology of the Eclipse: 16:37
  • How People Pleasing Impacts Your Leadership: 24:03

Want to learn more about Facing Your Fears this Aries Season? Take a listen to Episode 77 of my Podcast

Shadows of Libra

The astrology of the Lunar Eclipse on Monday, March 25, 2024 12a Pacific is at Libra 5º and near the South Node.

This eclipse asks you to break free of the patterns that keep you stuck, especially as it comes to people pleasing, avoidance of intimacy or fear of collaboration.

Venus, the ruler of this eclipse in Pisces, asks you to give yourself compassion and reminds you that there are no judgements for your fears and past patterns. You at a time needed this for protection.

Venus reminds you that you are always loved even when you don’t agree with others.

You are born to lead, and being a leader means making decisions that won’t please everyone. In fact, you can’t please everyone as a leader. But you can do your soul’s work in your way.

This Lunar Eclipse allows you to see the unseen.

What shadows of Libra are you now seeing to breakdown?

How People Pleasing Impacts your Leadership

It’s super easy to fall into people pleasing mode. And sometimes it’s important to please the right person and to make compromises. Yet when you are constantly in this mode, it hinders you from making your mark and stepping into your visible leadership.

People pleasing in leadership can show up like the following. And if you’re stuck in these patterns, guess what… you are not making progress.

Which ones are loudest for you? Check your Sun, Moon, Rising and even Venus / Mars

  • Aries: Lack of direction
  • Taurus: Fear of disapproval, criticism
  • Gemini: Avoiding conflict
  • Cancer: Difficulty delegating
  • Leo: Prioritizing popularity
  • Virgo: Can’t make a decision
  • Libra: No boundaries
  • Scorpio: Looking to others for answers
  • Sagittarius: Neglecting personal needs
  • Capricorn: Being accountable for everyone
  • Aquarius: Giving power away
  • Pisces: Putting self last

I want you to get clear on the fears that have the strongest hold so you can intentionally choose to:

  1. Reveal your fear (without judgement, only curiosity)
  2. Get honest with the long term costs of those fears (ie: what have you not gained because of them)
  3. Discover the benefits to overcoming your fears in your Work to keep you moving forward.

Your Aries Potential

Ultimately, the reason we reveal these deep down Libra shadows is so that we can leap forward into our Aries potential. Being our best selves, vulnerable leadership and contributing to society. In next week’s episode I’ll share where we are moving toward with the Great American Solar Eclipse episode. The astrology of that eclipse is wild with Chiron, the Sun and Moon all at the exact degree and minute!!!

Astrology of the Libra Lunar Eclipse

  • Libra Moon and South Node – time to break free of the patterns that keep you stuck in place.
  • Moon, trine Pluto, says you are ready to eliminate your old people pleasing ways.
  • Venus, ruler of this eclipse in Pisces, gives you self compassion and says there are no judgements for your old ways. You at a time needed this for protection and acceptance.
  • Venus reminds you that you are always loved even when others don’t agree.

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