Episode 71: February 2024 Biz StarCast – Awaken Collective Healing

by | Jan 30, 2024

February 2024 StarCast – Awaken Collective Healing

February Vibes: Shaking stuck energy, Compassion, Individual value to the whole, Wounds as gifts, Circular Leadership

Like things that have felt stuck or sleepy are now ready to wake up and move?

Awaken = To rouse, to become aware, to make aware

Cosmically we’ve been in a season of hibernating and stillness – and that’s now behind us!

It’s time to stretch and shake things up. You know, when you wake up that first thing, your body feels stiff. Maybe your hips and hamstrings ache with tightness.

And with a little stretch, twist, shake and acknowledgement, in a few short minutes, you can easily remedy that dull pain.

To mindfully and intentionally warm up your body and move energy into places that have been stagnant after a long sleep, is what February offers you.

It’s time to get moving, but first to integrate a new truth, the truth you’ve learned from the last few months of stuckness.

Jus like you can rush through waking up and overwriting your body’s need to stretch by checking your inboxes before you get out of bed and rushing off to whoever needs you. You too can overwrite this integration from rest to momentum in your Work without the proper, yet easful shake up and wake up.

This is the energy that February is asking of you.

There is so much to do, and the winds have changed in your favor, but you first need to awaken, shake and stretch to your new truth.

What is that truth? Your truth is that your values and needs have changed in this last season. What you desired before or what worked for you before, is no longer. That you are literally sick of the grind, push, and hustle. And if you don’t stretch into this new truth and change your ways, you’ll remain in that dull ache and stuckness.

When you do stretch into your new truth, you’ll truly awaken. Awaken to your needs, your gifts, your ability to create wholeness in yourself, and to contribute to the WHOLE in your wonderful one-of-a-kind way.

In the stars, besides the moon who wizzes through the zodiac, and the south node by itself in Libra, all the planets are now concentrated into little committees between Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries and Taurus.

The Aquarius committee wants you to empower your social values and know your one-of-a-kind superpowers.

The Pisces committee wants you to make things easier on yourself and deepen your self compassion and hearing your inner wisdom.

The Aries committee wants you to take action, you’re well on the way in your healing journey, and ready to share your lessons through your leadership.
Lastly, the Taurus committee wants you to savor and take your time, reminding you there is no push, try, or chase. You can let yourself be pulled, create and attract. To be present and make change with powerful ease.

This is YOUR month where you hear the call of all these archetypes and awaken to your leadership. The way YOU are meant to be part of the circle of leaders. Each contributing your special way, your secret sauce, your super power to the Whole.

February Cosmic Shifts

  • Mercury enters Aquarius (Feb 4)
  • New Moon Aquarius 20° (Feb 9)
  • Lunar New Year (Feb 10)
  • Mars enters Aquarius (Feb 12)
  • Venus enters Aquarius (Feb 16)
  • Sun enters Pisces (Feb 18)
  • Chiron North Node meet up at Aries 16º (Feb 19)
  • Mercury enters Pisces (Feb 22)
  • Full Moon Virgo 5° (Feb 24)
  • Zero retrograde planets – GSD (Get shit done)
  • Aquarius Party with Sun, Moon (Feb 8-10) Mercury, Mars, Venus, Pluto Venus/Mars/Pluto conjunction mid February
  • Pisces Party Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune (after 2/22)
  • Leap Year – calendar correction (2/29

North Node meets up with Chiron in Aries

My eye is on the North Node and Chiron meeting up in Aries, opening up a new cycle of collective (North Node) leadership (Aries) based on each one of us (Aries) giving forth the gifts we can’t heal in ourselves, but we can heal in others (Chiron).

As Brene Brown would say – Dare to Lead!

As I say, you are born to lead.

Let’s all hear the call of February and awaken how WE will all change the faces of leadership.

Written In the Stars LIVE 2024!

AstroBrand® Written In the Stars

To maximize this energy, I am acting on my quest to CHANGE THE FACES OF LEADERSHIP (not only my theme of the year, but our business vision).

Mark your calendars because I’m teaching LIVE for the first time in 2 years, Written in the Stars for 5 days, February 26-March 1. Written In The Stars is my foundational AstroBrand® training where I teach you to read your natal chart from an inner awakening and outward leadership way.

I show you the:

  • Zodiacal archetypes: their leadership strengths and areas for growth
  • Houses: areas they symbolize in your life and brand/business
  • Planets: the processes they rule that help you market, sell, lead and more
  • Aspects: the relationships between planets that show how they activate

This is the first step to taking any other training in my entire AstroBrand® Library or Certification.

So if you’re being called to find your enoughness so you can make the difference you are BORN to make, this is your chance this year to take this course LIVE with me.

In March, I’ll also be teaching live, the next step, Star Powered Position where we will uncover your WHAT, WHY, HOW and for WHOM of your brand and leadership so you can build a solid foundation that makes your mark.

Mark your calendars and sign up for the waitlist here, I’ll be offering a special bundle pricing and opening doors next week.

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