Episode 26: From Stuck to Unstoppable with Annalyn Cruz

by | Apr 30, 2023

Annalyn Cruz is mentorship client and a Dream-Life and Leadership Coach, space holder, and storyteller that guides women and BIPOC leaders to heal their inner critic. She works with the biggest tech corporations in the Bay Area, and after leaving her corporate job to go out on her own and follow her intuition, she ended up replicating the the worst parts of her former job in building her new business. This is such a common journey that I wanted her to share her story and how we uncovered the grief behind procrastination, the oppression behind colonial mindset, the fear-based actions based on scarcity mindset, and the belonging and acceptance that she needed to cultivate within herself to stop looking for approval and acceptance from corporate gatekeepers.

Meet Annalyn Cruz

Meet Annalyn Cruz
Annalyn Cruz is a Dream-Life and Leadership Coach, space holder, and storyteller that guides women and BIPOC leaders to heal their inner critic, connect to what they really love, and confidently become the best version of themselves. She is the CEO and Founder of Grounded In Wisdom, LLC, and has 20+ years of career experience where she focused on leadership development, and ensuring that those she served always felt a sense of belonging, and that they felt seen and heard–particularly if they came from underrepresented communities and identities.

Annalyn believes that when we truly let go of perfectionism, discover the impact of our “Gremlins” (i.e., inner critics), face our fears of what holds us back, and embody both the fierce and vulnerable sides of ourselves–we can come back to our grounded center and live powerfully–with ease and flow, and continual evolution.

Annalyn is a proud first-generation, Pilipina American that lives in the Bay Area, California. She resides in Oakland with her amazing dog Cab, who has been one of her greatest teachers in presence and fun! She enjoys dancing, writing her memoir, meditation/energy healing, and singing karaoke.

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