Episode 90: From Web Designer To Astrologer: How The AstroBrand® Method Presented Itself To Me

by | Jun 11, 2024

In the spirit of Jupiter in Gemini energy, I want to reintroduce myself and share my personal story on how I went from web designer to brand astrologer and how the AstroBrand® Method presented itself to me. I’ve been on so many different summits and guest teaching communities sharing my story, but I realized that I never once came here to tell you this story. In this episode, I share with you my journey from when I first got to San Francisco 25 years ago, in the midst of the tech boom and how I transacted into Tech, to owning my own web design business, to now being a brand astrologer all while continuing my love and passion as a musician. Take a listen to this new series of what the AstroBrand® Method is and how you will be able to use this toolset in your life and Work.

In this episode:

  • A reintroduction to Leslie Tagorda
  • My career path to astrology
  • How the AstroBrand® Method presented itself
  • Full Circle: Vision, Voice and Style
  • AstroBrand® Certification

What is the AstroBrand® Method

The AstroBrand® Method framework focuses on your core astrological keys that want to be amplified for leadership, recognition, and impact. It doesn’t take high-tech, high-jargon astrological understanding. You will reframe and expand the astrological symbolism in the archetypes (zodiacs) and house to apply to one’s Work, business, brand, leadership and ability to make change in the world.

A brand comprises three integral parts: a brand position that sets you apart in your field, a brand voice that communicates and connects with your audience in a unique manner, and a brand style, combining your visual identity (including your logo) with your distinctive approach to your work. This signature style is exclusive to your brand. Your brand can be a true reflection of YOU if you use astrology to guide your way. There is no one in the world that has the same birth chart as you. So why not let your stars guide the way as you shape and develop your brand?

The AstroBrand® Method is broken up into three parts or volumes so you can help you clients confidently navigate and strategize:

  • Your Position: Position your business that differentiates you from others in your industry (I don’t believe in competition, there’s enough for all)
  • Your Voice: Give voice to your business and express yourself in confident, clear, specific ways
  • Your Style: Create a signature style that goes beyond your visual brand and logo aesthetics but to the way you operate your business with aligned processes for marketing, communications and beyond.

Want to use the AstroBrand® Method in your Work?

Add the AstroBrand® Method to your toolset to serve your clients with an innovative, specific and strategic way of brand and leadership development.

For astrology loving consultants, coaches and advisors in branding, design, communications, marketing and leadership development who desire a high-value, high-impact, secret sauce that increases the value of your Work and the value to your customers.

I’ve designed this certification for astrology lovers in the fields of brand or leadership development. Maybe you’re a marketing consultant or coach. Or a brand designer, stylist, photographer or strategist. Maybe you work on stump speeches and communications for your executive or political clients. Maybe you work 1:1 or 1:n coaching and advising leaders how to be their very best and powerful. This certification is for you. I’ve created this certification with your business and Work in mind so you can deliver high-value, high-impact, and precise guidance that increases your value in the marketplace and makes you indispensable to your clients.

Imagine this time, one year from now. You’ll have a wealth of exercises and resources to guide your clients, a skillset and strategy of astrology, branding and leadership in your pocket, a deep certainty in your own ability to guide clients ethically, and deep connections within a community who also loves astrology and change making who need you. Yes, it takes a full revolution around the sun to learn the required curriculum, wholeheartedly participate in mentorship, and establish relationships with prospective clients.

You will be part of the second cohort of AstroBrand® Certified practitioners in the World. Among the very first to be able to share this expertise!! Imagine that.

Next cohort begins in September 2024!

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