Episode 62: Full Moon Gemini – Activating Your Purpose

by | Nov 24, 2023

This sparkly and activating Full Moon is allowing you to see all the ways your mindset has kept you from acting on your big beliefs. Mars is still hanging with the Sagittarius Sun adding the heat to builds the pressure to take action! And Venus, is now at the same spot as October’s Ring of Fire Solar eclipse. Remember 6 weeks ago when you promised yourself to let go of unhealthy power dynamics. This Full Moon, all of this comes full circle. Divine timing to remind you ,it’s time to re-evaluate the narratives in your mind, heart and soul so you can take action on your purpose. Can you hear it? Your purpose is calling you!!

In this episode:

  • The Astrology leading up to the Full Moon
  • What’s coming up in Star Powered™
  • Small Business Saturn Day
  • Astrology of the Full Moon in Gemini
  • Full Moon Reflections

Full Moon in Gemini – Activating Your Purpose

Here at the Full Moon in Gemini it is shining a spotlight on all the ways your small thinking are hindering your big dreams and purpose. There is a misconception that you don’t know enough, or you don’t have all the information, or simply you are stuck in overthinking. This Full Moon is not only wanting you to define your purpose, but it is time to ACT on your purpose.

There is a way out of the perplexity, or rather a way forward. Saturn in Pisces is slow and easeful. The T-square the Full Moon forms with Saturn as the referee gives you the strategy and structure to make progress on your purpose. What is the low hanging fruit in your Work? What tenacious easeful action steps can you take, everyday? The culmination of those daily steps will get you to your flourishing dreams. Trust your thoughts, trust your mindset, when you move with consistent momentum your thoughts and mindset work together.

Venus is at the same degree as the solar eclipse in October, what power dynamics did you let go of during the eclipse season? The issues are being activated again, do you remember what was triggering you during the eclipse? The story is continuing to unfold. It won’t come up as a family or intergenerational dynamic, this might be triggered by somebody close to you, a friend, a partner, a customer. Another opportunity to let go of enmeshment patterns. Who did your beliefs come from? If you didn’t let them go in October, here’s your next chance.

➡️ What beliefs need reevaluating?

Full moon reflections:

  • Aries / Libra Risings: (2h/8H) – Let go of the belief that you could fail.
    Believe instead that there is no failure, only lessons.
  • Taurus / Scorpio Risings: (3H/9H) Let go of the belief that resources, opportunities and money are limited.
    Believe instead that there is plenty for everyone
  • Gemini / Sagittarius Risings:(10H/4H) Let go of the belief that you are not enough
    Believe instead that others needs you and you create your own belongin
  • Cancer /Capricorn Risings:(5H/11H) Let go of the belief that things have to be perfect first.
    Believe instead that creation is a process and criticism is just information
  • Leo / Aquarius Risings:(6H/12H) Let go of the belief that your ideas are not creative enough
    Believe instead that you and your Work are the life of the part
  • Virgo /Pisces Risings: (1H/7H) Let go of the belief that you aren’t an expert or don’t have enough training.
    Believe instead that people need to hear what you have to say.

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