Episode 57: How to Make Lemonade From Lemons – Lessons From the Eclipse Retreat

by | Oct 22, 2023

In this eclipse reflection episode, I share lessons I learned from a failed retreat. Despite all the planning, often it’s the disruptions that have the sweetest surprises. Hear how although I had this big vision of what I wanted my eclipse retreat to be, I took the lemons that we were dealt with and made lemonade. I share with 6 lessons, a celebration and a beautiful closing of a container – all mostly unplanned – during this eclipse retreat. And what a sweet surprise it was, we mapped out the entire 2024 and can’t wait to share it with you. Maybe my lessons will inspire you to see how disruptions can be the silver linings we need.

In this episode:

  • 6 lessons from a failed retreat
  • Celebrating, appreciating and savoring
  • Learning to close a container
  • Eclipse ritual magic

6 Lessons from the Eclipse Retreat

  • A deeper understanding of my business model
  • Clarity in my soul customer’s journey
  • Planned out 2024 Offers
  • Crystallized our Systems for each project
  • Adjusted pricing model to keep the same price and simplify
  • Noted where we need extra support to grow the team

During our annual planning, my team and I spent 6 hours just brain-dumping everything we wanted to get done in 2024 and what we wanted to fix from 2023 so that we could go in 2024 ready to show up and support our community. After our planning day, we celebrated everything we have accomplished in 2023 with a fabulous dinner and got ready to soak in the healing waters at Indian Springs.

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