Episode 1: Introducing Star Powered™

by | Oct 17, 2022

We are here! It’s time to say goodbye with gratitude to The Savvy Luminary to make space for a rebirth…. Star Powered™! This shift was a long time in the making, although it may seem like an instant. I’ve poured all my heart and revealed my true self in this new iteration. Please welcome Star Powered – take a listen to the initiatory podcast, it has a new look and vibe. I share the deets, the process and all the things in this short n sweet episode.

In this episode:

  • Introducing Star Powered, formerly The Savvy Luminary
  • The timing and creative process behind the shift
  • Why the evolution into Star Powered
  • Leslie reintroduces herself
  • What’s a changemaker
  • Why you need to step into you Star Powers now
  • What’s on the horizon


Introducing Star Powered™

Star Powered™ is the evolution and expansion of the conversation begun in The Savvy Luminary podcast where we explore the intersection of astrology, changemaking, leadership and the intuitive revolution. Through New Moon rituals to set intentions that drive your Work forward, to monthly Biz StarCasts that allow for conscious working with the celestial energies, to power building interviews with other spiritual thought leaders, Star Powered™ aims to create a dialog so changemakers can feel secure and inspired in their star powers to lead by their chart and create the future they want to see.

Hosted by Hawaii-born Jewish Filipino Astrologer, Leslie Tagorda. Through healing her Chiron wound around leadership and identity, she’s a professional classical clarinetist, author, podcast host, designer, and the creator of the AstroBrand™ method. She helps changemakers become the luminary leaders they are born to be.

Why the shift?

Back in March, I took a step back from 2 weekly episodes of The Savvy Luminary, it was beginning to feel heavy and restrictive. I took some intentional time away from the podcast and some work, to deal with family things but mostly to create space. I knew that in the void is where creation happens.

I was able to distill this evolution and shift from 3 needs: Expansion, Inclusivity and Simplicity

  • Expansion – Entrepreneurship and the seven syllables of TSL felt restrictive, like a pot I have grown out of
  • Inclusivity – I wanted to serve more than entrepreneurs. I’ve noticed many of my listeners, my community members and my clients, do not identify as entrepreneurs even if they are business owners. And there are many that are c-suite executives, non profit leaders and more. But what we all are are changemakers – more on that in a bit
  • Simplicity – So that this can be more memorable and impactful – My business coach and dear friend, Megan Hale over the last year has been helping me at my snails pace to simplify my offers in my work, to create a clear path way for people to work with me, to bring out my most amazing gifts in a way that it was easy to recognize. And most of this work was about simplification. In fact, my book Star Powered Brand, the name was one of Megan’s gifts that she gave to me. So as I simplify The Savvy Luminary to Star Powered, There is spaciousness and depth all in a simple container of Star Powered

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