Episode 28: Jupiter – The Process of Growth, Expansion, and Dreaming Big!

by | May 7, 2023

Jupiter Astrological Meaning

Jupiter is the ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter’s primary process is to expand, expanding our mind, our philosophy, purpose, vision and beliefs. We all need Jupiter to be able to grow

To bring that inner healing to Jupiter, we need to understand if whether we are living under limiting beliefs or do our beliefs need to be even bigger.

Jupiter amplifies what it touches, so the key is gratitude with Jupiter

Jupiter asks:

  • For what am I grateful for?
  • How can I optimize/amplify?
  • How can I hold the highest possibility?
  • How can I see the bigger picture and meaning?
  • How am I judging?

This is Jupiter.

Jupiter’s Inner Awakening Process

To bring awareness, acceptance and healing to:

  • Expands
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Philosophy
  • Religion/Man-made spirituality
  • Gratitude
  • Thanks to gods
  • Temple
  • Excess/Overreach
  • Indulgence

Jupiter’s Outer Expression Process

To bring evolution, result and highest expression of:

  • Explores
  • Purpose
  • Big Why
  • Justice/Golden rule
  • Optimism
  • Ritual
  • Place of higher learning
  • Maximizes/Optimizes
  • Opportunities

Jupiter Transits by Houses

Jupiter transits a house in about 1 year

“The house that the transiting Jupiter is in indicates the area of life in which you are trying to grow and the means by which you are doing this. The process may be necessary growth that makes you a wiser and more successful person (in a philosophical sense), or it may be pathological growth- in other words, you are trying to get too much or go too far in this area.” – Robert Hand

Resist the urge to over do in any of these areas while Jupiter is transiting.

  • Jupiter 1H: The beginning cycle of expansion! Expand and believe in yourself, leadership, identity, initiative. Optimize your experiences in who you are to be and become so that you can attain your highest potentials.
  • Jupiter 2H: Expand and believe in your finances, worthiness, values. Optimize your experiences to elevate your worthiness and values. Financial gains are possible, but what’s more significant is gaining your sense of worthiness and value.
  • Jupiter 3H: Expand and believe in your mindset, inner dialog, voice – as well as your neighborhood routines. Optimize your experiences to your ability to communicate your needs and increase your communications and contacts.
  • Jupiter 4H: Expand and believe in your emotional safety, inner most private life and family dynamics. Optimize your experiences for intergenerational/familial advancements and inner peace.
  • Jupiter 5H: Expand and believe in your ability to seek out passion, play, pleasure and creativity. Optimize your experiences to receive joy, creatively express yourself and attend to your inner child.
  • Jupiter 6H: Expand and believe in your daily practices and routines. Optimize your experiences to be a service without burn out. And to optimize your health and wellness.
  • Jupiter 7H: Expand and believe in your relationships and understanding of your dynamic in relationships, partnerships and collaborations. Optimize your experiences to deepen your prized relationships and collaborations. This is a wonderful time for partnerships.
  • Jupiter 8H: Expand and believe in your ability to deeply heal and transform for the highest. Gains in shared resources and joint money can often happen during this time like windfalls from taxes or inheritances. Optimize your experiences for deep psychological and philosophical transformations and understandings.
  • Jupiter 9H: Expand and believe in your beliefs, purpose and vision, even your morality (the golden rule). Optimize your experiences to what you can truly envision and open your mind to. Continuing your education, traveling to distant lands, or finding ways to get your Work into a global audience.
  • Jupiter 10H: Expand and believe in your public and professional life to expand your status, expertise and authority. Optimize your experiences to how you will leave your mark on this world.
  • Jupiter 11H: Expand and believe in your hopes for the future, your social impact and your soul communities (friends). Optimize your experiences to how you will contribute to society and achieve your dreams.
  • Jupiter 12H: Expand and believe in your innermost, spiritual self and past actions. Optimize your experiences to allow for more ease, flow and bliss. A most lovely transit of Jupiter to connect the dots within your life and possibility past lives.

Jupiter Transits by Natal Planets

Jupiter transits a planet in about 1 month.

Can feel like a glow up – but it is very subtle.

“Planets in your natal chart that are transited by Jupiter represent energies in your personality that are working smoothly and attaining your objectives. Do not overdo. One problem with Jupiter is that you should be careful about what you want, because you’re likely to get it.” – Robert Hand

  • Jupiter + Sun: Expansion + Creativity = Brilliance
  • Jupiter + Moon: Expansion + Feeling = Attuned
  • Jupiter + Mercury: Expansion + Expression = Convincing
  • Jupiter + Venus: Expansion + Attraction = Glamour
  • Jupiter + Mars: Expansion + Activation = Achievement
  • Jupiter + Jupiter: Expansion + Expansion = Jupiter RETURN
  • Jupiter + Saturn: Expansion + Focus = Success
  • Jupiter + Uranus: Expansion + Breakthrough = Progress:
  • Jupiter + Neptune: Expansion + Inspiration = Devotion
  • Jupiter + Pluto: Expansion + Transformation = Ideology

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