Episode 55: Make Way For Your Next-LevelSoul Customers This Libra Eclipse Season

by | Oct 7, 2023

Did you know that Libra represents 1:1 connections, partnerships, collaborations and co-creation? Yet as we are in the midst of an eclipse season, in order to think about your next evolution of soul customer and ideal client attraction, you need to understand what kind of service, offering and type of client you are done serving. Ultimately YOU have evolved over the last few years. Your offers may no longer bring you joy, serving certain customers may no longer bring your joy, OR you may want to get into explore into serving a different type of customer. There is nothing wrong with shifting and releasing what no longer works for you in your Work. Listen to this episode and discover how to use your astrology to attract your soul customer, how to know when it’s time to evolve your client base and 5 mistakes you may be making when attracting your soul customer.

And if you want to learn more about using astrology to identify and attract your soul customer, go back to episode 119 How to identify your ideal customers and co-creators using astrology released in October 2021.

In this episode:

  • How you need to make space to let in your next evolution of soul customer
  • How to attract your soul customer using astrology
  • Listener questions about attracting your soul customers
  • How to know when you’re ready to evolve your client base
  • 5 mistakes attracting your soul customers


5 Mistakes When Attracting Your Soul Customers

  1. Trying to attract everyone: When you try to attract everyone, you’re not able to use the specific language that your soul people will identify with.
  2. Not knowing yourself well or acknowledging your evolution: If you’re not working with your Sun Sign (Your What), Your Moon, (Your Why), and Your Rising (The How) your soul customer will never be able to find you to help them with what they need.
  3. Not understanding their design and what they need or you: If you are not able to speak to your Soul Customers’ paint points and their desires, how do you expect them to want to work with you?
  4. Not speaking their language: Your Soul Customer has a specific language that you need to attune to in order for them to find and want to work with you. Are you listening to what your soul customer is asking and desiring?
  5. Not making personal connections: If you are not making those personal connections with your clients, they will pass you over. It’s this personal connection that attracts your clients to you and your Work.

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