Mars Retrograde – What to do and not do in your Work

by Leslie Tagorda

Mars Retrograde - What to do and not do in your Work

What is Mars Retrograde?

Mars is our energy to initiate and take action on our wants and desires (from Venus) based on what we know (from Mercury)

He teaches us how to productively direct our fear, anger, and frustration. Anger is an important tool but only when we learn how to express it and communicate constructively. Anger can’t serve us if we bottle it up or release in aggressive, violent ways.

Mars only does this backtrack every 2 years so it’s an important time when we are asked to reaffirm our motivations and reassess our power.

Are you living your power or giving it away in your Work?

It is a time to slow down and notice energy leaks and frustrations. And learn how to use our anger in productive ways.

Mars Retrograde is the time to reaffirm what energizes and motivates YOU in your business and brand.

Where it falls in our chart magnifies where we need to save energy, heal stress/frustration, and optimize our energy better.

Stop to see what motivates us.

It helps us heal stress/frustration and optimize our energy better to reaffirm what motivates us.

This is a necessary time to re-organize and re-manage our energies in your life and business.

As a personal planet, Mars only appears to go in reverse every 26 months for about 2 – 2.5 months. That’s about 9% of his entire orbit. We do feel his retrograde cycle intimately on a personal level in our lives and Work.

When Mars is in retrograde you get to:

  • Review your energy
  • Reaffirm your motivation
  • Restrain energy leaks
  • Re-manage your anxiety/stress/fear

What if you were born during a Mars Retrograde?

Luminaries with Mars Rx Natally, your drive and motivation are not so traditional, things that excite you or get you motivated are outside of the realm of “normal”. During this time, you likely feel like you are coming home to your own energy, your real power, and drive.

Mars’ sign placement will show the quality of your energy and motivation and Mars’ house placement will show you where your Mars’ energy shines most brightly.

How can you tell if you were born during a Mars Retrograde?

Look to your natal chart and locate Mars. If you see an “Rx” next to Mars, that means you were born during a Mars Retrograde.

How can you personalize this Mars Rx to your natal energies?

Look at the house Mars goes through. This shows you where you might have overextended your energy and need to reassess your thoughts. Review and take care of any energy leaks and loose ends.

Take responsibility for how your actions, passions, and influence (or lack of) have resulted in your current success or failure in this area of your life.

Are there new ways to get what you want from your life?

Are there gaps in your mindset that you need to readjust?

Is your messaging and words set up to advocate instead of critique?

But get certain that what you are moving towards is really what you truly desire.

What should you do during a Mars Retrograde?

Mars Retrograde - 6 Things to do during Mars Rx for your changemaking Work

Here are 6 things you can do during Mars retrograde for your Changemaking Work.

  • Do manage fear, anger, and frustration
    • Do asses your energy
    • Do notice causes of anxiety, stress, and frustration
    • Assess what can be delegated, released, and recalibrated.
  • Do use your words to advocate instead of reject
    • Do use your words to advocate
    • Reaffirm your mindset
    • Call your people to action
  • Do re-assess motivations and priorities
    • Do you love what you are doing?
    • Or doing this for others?
    • Have your priorities shifted? Do you still desire what you are working towards?
  • Do launch using the themes of Mars Rx
    • Do re-energize your messages, calls to action
    • Do expect to put in consistent effort for the long term
    • Don’t launch long–term projects unless focusing on the Mars Rx themes
  • Do use anger and assertiveness in productive ways
    • Do turn frustration into fuel
    • Do turn Anger into boundaries
    • Do harness words into advocacy
  • Do step into your own power
    • Reconnect with your own power – it’s different for everyone
    • Do activate your leadership style
    • Do work on mindset that motivates you

Want to take a deeper dive into Mars Retrograde?

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