Episode 24: Mercury Retrograde in Taurus – Resetting Scarcity to Abundant Mindset

by | Apr 19, 2023

If you’ve been struggling with scarcity in all its forms, this Mercury Retrograde in Taurus is for you!  This Retrograde is the perfect opportunity for you to shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance. So, I invite you to join me in rethinking your resources, creating stability and sustainability, and maximizing what you already have. It’s time to break free from the limitations of scarcity and savor the abundance that is available to you by bringing awareness to and trusting your body’s intelligence.

In this episode:

  • Astrology of Mercury Retrograde in Taurus
  • Mercury Retrograde Timeline/Schedule
  • Mercury Retrograde in Taurus Personalizations

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 15° – Taurus 5°

April 21, 2023, 1:34 AM PT – May 14, 2023, 8:53 PM PT

Reorganizing your Resources

If you’ve been struggling with scarcity in all its forms, this Mercury Rx is for you!

With this Mercury Rx, you are rethinking themes around your resources and resourcefulness.

Creating stability, sustainability and maximizing what you already have instead of overspending your resources (money, time, emotional/spiritual energy, physical energy and capacity).

While resources are ultimately infinite and abundant, you don’t’ want to mess around with the Universe by wasting a drop.

Uncovering WHY you might be overspending (or even not spending) your resources, MRx asks you to rethink and redshift your mindset. Especially when it comes to Taurean themes around value, worthiness, enoughness, and money mindset. Scarcity has a funny way of expressing in the outerworld through undervaluing your own wisdom and contributions leading to thin bank accounts. As well as overspending on things that are not values driven leading to hoarding or more scarcity.

Because Taurus is fixed earth, stable and embodied, during this MRx, you may feel like your body at times has more clarity than your mind. Indeed, reconnect to the intelligence of your body and your second brain in your gut. These intelligences want a voice at allowing for your reset and reshifting. Check in to make sure you are listening to the wisdom that lives in your flesh and blood.

Your goals over the next few weeks o bf this reset cycle is to reactivate your thoughts and actions that have felt stagnant and stuck by first slogging through the mental mud to uncover your scarcity mindset that causes you to devalue yourself then saying NO to things that don’t fit into your values – in both your life and Work.

By the end of this reset, you’ll clarify your values, your enoughness, your ability to ask for what you want, and say no to what is not aligned. You’ll see You’ll set better boundaries and plans around all your resources from money to capacity by noticing all your overspending resource leaks.

Say goodbye to scarcity mindset and hello to abundance thinking because you know that by saying no to misaligned opportunities, you say yes to what is yours: peace and prosperity.

Astro Notes

  • 10°, 23 days (slow moving – just like Taurus)
    • Asks you how you can take your time, savor, and create sustainable growth in your Work?
  • Mercury connects Sun, North Node 5° and Uranus 18°
    • Asks you what breakthroughs do you need in order to reach your soul’s potential?
  • Sextile Mars – beginning of the Rx cycle
    • Asks you what opportunities are available to you now to turn your fear into motivation?
  • Sextile Saturn – end of the Rx cycle
    • Asks you what will you now say no to that creates opportunities for your own crystallization and mastery?

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus Schedule

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 2023 Schedule


  • 4/7 Enters shadow zone – Taurus 5°
    • Notice what is breaking down that requires re-sourcing
  • 4/21 Station retrograde – Taurus 15°
    • What needs reorganizing in your resources
  • 5/1 Midpoint combust – Taurus 11°
    • What new re-considerations are now being fully illuminated where you must express boundaries
  • 5/14 Station direct – Taurus 5°
    • What plan of action will you take to reorganize your resources
  • 6/1 Leaves shadow zone – Taurus 15°
    • Full speed ahead, time to implement your plan

6 Things to do this Mercury Rx in Taurus

6 Things to do this Mercury Rx in Taurus


  1. Reshift sustainable resources/ing (money, time, energy, capacity)
    What resources have you been wasting? And WHY have you been wasting them? No judgment, only curiosity so that you can bring awareness to how scarcity mindset keeps you in a “grabby” mode that ultimately leads to resource waste. How can you maximize your resources once you understand the fear embodied in scarcity mindset that had control?
  2. Reconsider how YOU are enough
    How are the ways you are not taking up physical or energetic space? What are the worthiness feelings that come up? Who’s stories are they? From your family? Society? Culture? Capitalism? Colonization? Reflect on the inner oppressor that you’ve allowed to colonize your mind and see how you can take up YOUR space.
  3. Regulate mindset through embodiment
    What tools and skill sets do you need to return to that allow you to calm your mind, body and soul to increase your capacity to take aligned risk in your Work?
  4. Redefine wisdom in the body
    How does your body communicate to you? Where do you sense expansions, contractions or other indications that you need to hear?
  5. Reevaluate your value-add and pricing
    How are you adding value in the marketplace? What is the true result of transformation that you are giving to your people? And how can you share that value in how you communicate what you do? Is it time to adjust your pricing based on your clarified value-add?
  6. Resource abundance thinking by saying no
    To what will you say NO to to create boundaries based on your values in your life and Work? How can you notice scarcity mindset tricking you into accepting every opportunity (lies that you need th money just this one time even though red flags are everywhere)? What will you begin to measure that will allow you to have sustainable growth? Time? freedom? Belonging? True visibility? Feelings of peace? What is the marker of true abundance and success to you? Hint, ask your Moon, Venus and 2H cusps for aligned values.

Mercury Rx in Taurus Re-source Personalizations

What house(s) does Taurus of 5° – 15° occupy? This area is being “pinged” by Mercury give you more specifics in what you need to refresh and reset in your Work for maximum change-making impact. ⁠

Mercury Rx in Taurus invites you to reconsider and re-source your:

  • Aries (or mostly 2H): Values
  • Taurus (or mostly 1H): Identity
  • Gemini (or mostly 12H): Wisdom
  • Cancer (or mostly 11H): Social networks
  • Leo (or mostly 10H): Offers
  • Virgo (or mostly 9H): Purpose
  • Libra (or mostly 8H): Healing
  • Scorpio (or mostly 7H): Soul Customers
  • Sagittarius (or mostly 6H): Daily Systems
  • Capricorn (or mostly 5H): Creativity
  • Aquarius (or mostly 4H): Home life
  • Pisces (or mostly 3H): Message

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