Episode 46: Mercury Retrogradein Virgo – Time to Realign Your Practice

by | Aug 23, 2023

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 21°-8º

August 23 – September 15, 2023

This Mercury Rx is in its home sign of Virgo – It’s time to get down to business and Earth by realigning to your practices that give coherence to your thoughts and actions.

Virgo is about effectiveness and the routines we set up in our lives to live in our wholeness. If we work hard, we rest and play hard. If we have challenges in our personal life, we give ourselves the time we need to grieve and nourish ourselves back to strength.

And Mercury, ruler of Virgo, while in retrograde is about realigning and recalibrating our thoughts and our actions so that we are effective in accomplishing what we set out to do. To bring our thoughts to Earth to create what we desire.

Virgo is not about perfection, it’s about living the whole life. This and. Messy and creative. Beautiful and devastating. Sacred and divine. Now and tomorrow. Allll the pieces.

To live in wholeness is to give coherence to your being.

On the energetic level, coherence forms a unity where once was separation of emotion or spirit.

On the Earthy realm, where shit needs to get done to make impact, coherence brings together aligned and consistent actions.

What is Realignment from a Virgo perspective? To reorganize energy, resources and attention so that the whole operates effectively.

It is natural for an org (organism or organization) to get out of alignment and operate:

  • unsmoothly (something is difficult)
  • ineffectively (something is taking too many resources)
  • insufficiently (something is missing)

Circumstances, values, needs, desires are always changing.

People: Self, team, organization
Environment: Organism, Ecosystem, environment

To be whole isn’t to be balanced. Sometimes more energy or attention is needed in a place where resources must shift that makes the greater whole more effective.

Note: Productivity IS an outdated Virgo term. To be productive puts profitability at the top, disposing of resources at a HIGH cost to the output. It may be faster, but the cost is always higher.

To be whole and aligned, just like in chiropractic, when bones are in their place, discomfort is reduced, circulation is increased, and the body moves with more ease and flow.

What is Practice from a Virgo perspective? To consistently perform an activity to build skill and proficiency so that actions and desired outcome are coherent.

It’s human nature to fall out of practice even if once you’ve established a great habit.

Habit, ritual, process, routine, day-to-day – all ways to create easy lift practices.

Of course, be aware of the heavy shadow of Virgo’s rigid regimes, schedules that are overly detailed and packed. It’s impossible to sustain this weight over the long term.

To be in coherence with thought and mind is to take simple consistent action. Whether daily, weekly or monthly. It’s through practice that you can align your mind’s intention to your body’s action for success.

Mercury Rx in Virgo 2023 Facts

  • Second Mercury Rx of 3 in 2023 – Reminds you – yay, you get a chance to realign to your current reality.
  • 12°, 23 days -Reminds you to take your time to pay attention to details during this realignment phase.
  • Jupiter Taurus trine – 8/9, Rx 9/4, 9/25 – Asks what needs reoptimization and revisioning for wellness and integrity?

Mercury Rx in Virgo Schedule

Mercury Rx in Virgo Schedule

  • 8/3 Enters shadow zone – Virgo 8°
    Notice what is breaking down that requires re–alignment? Be kind to yourself.
  • 8/23 Station retrograde – Virgo 21°
    What needs re-alignment in your practice. Be patient.
  • 9/6 Midpoint combust – Virgo 15°
    What new re-alizations are now fully illuminated? What do you see that you need to change? Be honest.
  • 9/15 Station direct – Virgo 8°
    What plan of action will you take to re-evaluate your practice? Be thoughtful.
  • 9/29 Leaves shadow zone – Virgo 21°
    Full speed ahead, time to implement your plan. Be consistent.

6 Things to do this Mercury Rx in Virgo

To realign thoughts and actions into coherent practice:

  • Resume unfinished business and take back your energy.
    • All those tasks you’ve been putting off are wasting your energetic and monetary resources.
      • Taxes done?
      • Have the right insurance?
      • Time to hire a team member?
      • Did you review terms, contracts, etc?
  • Reexamine what in your life and Work isn’t as effective as it could be.
    • What feels like there’s a bottle neck, lack or dis-ease? Be honest and look at what ails the system from operating with flow?
      • Are you lacking anything?
      • What’s taking too much time or resources?
      • What could help alleviate issues?
  • Revitalize good habits that you might have fallen off from.
    • You’ve likely had a good practice that you wish to return to. What might that be?
      • Practicing an instrument or skill? Make daily time for it
      • Want to be consistent with showing up? Schedule it in.
  • Reorganize your spaces (energetically and physically) for integrity.
    • Need more clarity? clear your clutter to clear your mind.
      • Want a healthy routine? Get rid of unhealthy foods and restock your pantry. Move your exercise equipment where you can easily access it.
      • Need to finish loose ends? File those papers and see what you might have missed.
      • Need to take aligned action? Schedule your practice daily till it becomes a habit.
  • Reconfigure processes so that energy and attention are reappointed.
    • Things have shifted so manage your energy to where it is most needed.
      • Have new priorities? Does your schedule reflect them?
      • Have different expenses? Does your money match up?
      • Something holding you back? Are you addressing those areas so you can move forward?
  • Remediate damages as you restore your wellness for maximum effectiveness.
    • What hole have you dug yourself in that you are committed to getting out of?
      • What can you do daily to make a little bit of a difference?
      • What can you make right and take responsibility for once and for all?

Mercury Rx in Virgo House Activations

Mercury Retrograde In Virgo Personalizations

Mercury Rx in Virgo invites you to realign your practice in your:

Aries (or mostly 6H): Wellness and operations
Taurus (or mostly 5H): Creativity and passion projects
Gemini (or mostly 4H): Home and inner needs
Cancer (or mostly 3H): Voice and communications
Leo (or mostly 2H): Values and money
Virgo (or mostly 1H): Self and leadership identity
Libra (or mostly 12H): Soul work and unfinished biz
Scorpio (or mostly 11H): Community and social impact
Sagittarius (or mostly 10H): Reputation and offers
Capricorn (or mostly 9H): Big why and purpose
Aquarius (or mostly 8H): Transformation and empowerment

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