Episode 48: Pisces Blue Full Moon – Awakening Flow With Self-Honoring Rhythms

by | Aug 30, 2023

This Leo New Moon asks you to plant the seeds to confidently shine brighter with presence in your Work and to embrace, know and create your joy in your life and Work for Radiance. In this episode I touch upon the concept of how your presence and influence is what is need to exude radiance so that you can use your unique superpower to positively impact others. With our Venus Retrograde so close to this Leo new moon, you’ve been exploring what pleasure cultivates your magnetism and shine in the World. That’s YOUR radiance!In this episode:

  • Leo your power to shine brightly
  • Radiating your superpowers and joy
  • Astrology of the Leo New Moon
  • Leo New Moon personalizations

Pisces Blue Full Moon

Our second Full Moon in August is a splendid Blue Moon in Pisces. Generally a Pisces Full moon is dreamy, vast and maybe not so clear on what is being illuminated. This Pisces Full Moon receives the light of the Virgo sun to bring to illumination all the ways the shadows of Pisces have blocked the light of Virgo. And oooh, those shadows of Pisces are actually pretty crystal clear and heavy because of Saturn just a few degrees from the moon. When Saturn is involved with the intuition and emotions of the Full Moon, you can expect repressed and pent up emotions. But to pent up the vast expansive feels of Pisces is impossible. Instead, Saturn is here showing us the weight and severity of continuing to bypass and avoid all the things that allow us to be well, effective, and working in wholeness. Shine the light on the cost of the ways you’ve been avoiding making real change by expecting things to be perfect before you even get started. Notice how you might deflect or bypass solutions because it seems like too much effort. Trust me, the effort you put into this will be well worth the reward. May you clearly see all that you’ve been avoiding so actually do the daily Work to let go and rise up.

Full Moon Reflections for Work

  • Aries / Libra Risings: Let go and rise up to finish things up so that you can get out of rigid indecision. What needs accountability so you actually get shit done?
  • Taurus / Scorpio Risings: Let go and rise up to unite your communities without the need to be so serious. What needs releasing so you can bring impact through fun in the way you change the world?
  • Gemini / Sagittarius Risings: Let go and rise up to heal your mindset to heal your heart and visibility in your business. What needs revealing to allow you to be seen and accomplish your mission?
  • Cancer /Capricorn Risings: Let go and rise up with your words that educate and inspire. What needs reprioritizing to promote your message of self-acceptance and responsibility?
  • Leo / Aquarius Risings: Let go and rise up to connect with your money talk and what you value. What needs rebalancing to bring in more ease and abundance?
  • Virgo /Pisces Risings: Let go and rise up to connect your leadership to your potent relationships. What needs recognition in terms of me and we?

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