Episode 15: Pisces New Moon – How To Create Simple Practical Magic

by | Feb 17, 2023

A most beautiful Pisces New Moon awaits you to ask for a fresh intention around your intuitive gifts, practical magic and soul alignment. Even though your intention can be vast thanks to infinite Pisces and quantum jumps forward in evolution thanks to a quintessential quintile to Uranus, Saturn is there to help you keep it focused by keeping it simple. Trust in support by all your spirit guides. Trust in your intuition. AND make a promise to yourself to keep pointed to your true north with this potent Pisces New Moon.

Chart for New Moon in Pisces - Charted from San Francisco

New Moon Pisces 1°

February 19, 2023 | 11:05 PM PT | 2:05 AM +1 Et

Invoking Practical Magic AKA Magic for pragmatists

It’s a new beginning of committing to your spiritual revolution and interconnected success. This New Moon coupled with Saturn sharing space at this early Pisces degree requests a fresh, crystal clear, pledge to your practical magic.

Practical magic is the spiritual and emotional tools you harness to accomplish the goals that matter to you. If you’re less woo and more of a pragmatist, this might mean leaning on your soft creativity like art, music, poetry to move the needle forward.

Regardless, this is your call to make a promise (Saturn’s way of accountability) to yourself to practice self-compassion, empathy, and the feeling of Universal love in both your inner awakening and your outward leadership.

It is this Pisces energy you need to connect at a soul level to your highest possibilities.

You know you’ve reached your highest potential when life and Work is easy, fluid, and joyful, despite the everyday obstacles that are always there.

Pluto is at the very last degree of Capricorn, having almost completed his job of tearing down the oppressive institutionalized systems that have embedded themselves in our mindsets. Venus in Pisces, with a touch of her magic empathy is able to dissolve the shackles of shame and fear once and for all. You now have the grace and lightness to rise above and see a completely new possibility wrapped in Universal love, grace and magic.
In the last New Moon in Aquarius that was conjoined Pluto – you had a break through in claiming what you desire for yourself. Now, the Lights (Luminaries, Sun and Moon) cozy up to Saturn reminding you that only YOU can commit to what you want.

For this Pisces New Moon – create a new pledge, a promise to your intuitive gifts, your practical magic and your pragmatic self-compassion.

Astro Notes:

  • Sun, Moon, Neptune and Venus in Pisces – Universal connection and love
  • New Moon conjunct Saturn – Magic for pragmatists
  • New Moon quintile
  • Venus sextile Pluto – Compassion replaces shame
  • Mercury sextile Chiron – Speaking to what was unspeakable

House Personalizations

Today, I plant the seeds to create a promise to my intuitive gifts, my practical magic to my Soul’s Consciousness in my Work’s

1H: Visionary brand identity and leadership style
2H: Compassionate values and brand promise
3H: Equitable and social justice values
4H: Empathetic emotional spaces I create
5H: Dreamy creative process and passion in projects
6H: Flowing routines and business wellness
7H: Commitment to my idealistic soul customers and collaborators
8H: Soul-level alchemical deep healing
9H: Imaginative, sensitive expansion of brand purpose
10H: Delivering your best spiritual and artistic work in your brand mission
11H*: Unifying your soul-connected community outreach and platform
12H: Deep restoration and completion of unfinished business

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