Episode 40: Saturn – The Process to Turn Doubt into Mastery

by | Jul 9, 2023

I want to celebrate all things Saturn in this continuation of a new series on the Planetary Processes! You’ll get a peak into my premium content while learning the necessary role Saturn has in our life and Work as well as his evolution through our chart that spark different life cycles. And for you, whatever house Saturn transits, is where we need to come face to face with our responsibility with our maturations and both success in our inner and outer lives. This allows us to connect the dots in certain parts of our life and Work. Remember, this is not to be feared if you can trust in the expansion that is the result. You get to choose how you will turn doubt into mastery

In this episode:

  • Saturn Process
  • Saturn Life Cycles
  • Saturn Transits by House
  • Saturn Transits by Planet

Saturn Astrological Meaning

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and. Saturn’s primary process is to contract and crystallize. We all need Saturn to be able to turn doubt into mastery.

To bring that inner healing to Jupiter, we need to understand if whether we are living under limiting beliefs or do our beliefs need to be even bigger.

Saturn amplifies what it touches, so the key is gratitude with Jupiter

Saturn asks:

  • How do you feel about maturing?
  • What boundaries are needed?
  • What or to whom are you committing?
  • Are you in a box? Do you like this box? Did you create this box? Who created the box? Who is placing you in the box?
  • What are your responsibilities vs duties?
  • Are you satisfied with your life successes? Both inner and outer?
  • What regrets do you have? What will you recommit to?

This is Jupiter.

Saturn’s Inner Awakening Process

To bring awareness, acceptance and healing to:

  • Contract
  • Bring in
  • Separate
  • Tighten
  • Pressure
  • Goals
  • Age
  • Appreciation
  • Pleasure
  • Duty/Obligation/Responsibility

Saturn’s Outer Expression Process

To bring evolution, result and highest expression of:

  • Crystallizes
  • Mission
  • Mature
  • Self-responsibility
  • Trellis/support
  • Prioritize
  • Self as authority
  • Self created boundaries

Saturn Transits by Houses

Saturn transits a house in about 2.5 years

“When Saturn transits a house… if you’re in a good position, one that is appropriate for you at this time in your life, the transit will firm up and structure that house for you. If you are not in a good position, Saturn will bring great changes that will be unpleasant insofar as you resist them.” – Robert Hand

Resist the urge to over do in any of these areas while Jupiter is transiting.

  • Saturn 1H: Focusing on what success means to the self, leadership, identity, initiative. Going inward to prune away all the parts of YOU that you won’t take with you on this next evolution of success. Commit to being the most successful YOU that you desire. As the opposite of the 7H, the way you respect yourself will directly impact how others respect you. One of the most significant Houses for Saturn to turn Self Doubt into Self Mastery. This can feel like a Saturn Return – or a rebirth of the Saturn cycle.
  • Saturn 2H: Focusing on what success means to you, your worthiness, your values, and your bottom line. Outward markers of success like fancy cars, houses, and more stuff, are they really important to you? Commit to elevate your own worthiness, values and how you add value to the World. An important house to validate your true values and master your worthiness and money.
  • Saturn 3H: Focusing on what success means to your mindset, inner dialog, habits, and the ways you engage with others in your everyday life. Commit to your ability to communicate your needs and your message as well as commit to being able to understand those around you at a deeper level. This is the last of the houses in the quadrant of self that you are here to master. An important house to master your mindset, your inner dialog and how you perceive/navigate your closest areas in your World.
  • Saturn 4H: Focusing on what success means to your emotional safety, inner most private life and family dynamics. Commit to intergenerational advancements, parenting, caretaking, healing early wounds around being parentified as a child and conscious work around inner security. As the opposite of the 10H, the greater security you can nourish within yourself and be responsible for prioritizing your own care, the more you can rise in your public and Work life. An important house to master your innermost life and ability to feel secure at home and within your family.
  • Saturn 5H: Focusing on what success means to your ability to seek out passion, play, pleasure and creativity. Commit to heal your ability to receive joy and attend to your inner child. While things may not feel enjoyable at this time and while there may be opportunities to learn about being in a child role or to parent a child, these opportunities will have lessons about what you do and what you do not want. An important house to master your passions and joy.
  • Saturn 6H: Focusing on what success means to your daily practices and routines. If you’ve been committed to your Work and service to others, this is a time where you may be recognized for your service. Commit to how to break free from obligations from higher ups so you can prioritize your wellness and wholeness if there is an imbalance in control. An important house to master your effectiveness.
  • Saturn 7H: Focusing on what success means to your relationships and understanding of your authority and control in relationships, partnerships and collaborations. Commit to how you, with whom you collaborate and relate to others. Are there commitments that are outdated in your partnerships? Notice themes from 14 years ago, when Saturn last crossed this house for themes around relationships that you are being asked to continue to master. An important house to master relationships and your role in relationships.
  • Saturn 8H: Focusing on what success means to your ability to transform, and joint finances like taxes, debts, liabilities, shared income, and inheritances. Commit to your relationship to life and death as well as trust with others. An important house to master your psychological relationship to death and your own finances especially those tied to others.
  • Saturn 9H: Focusing on what success means to your beliefs, purpose and vision, even your morality and who you are in this World. Commit to what you can truly envision and open your mind to. Be responsible and accountable for your life’s purpose. Continue being curious about what you now believe to ensure your beliefs are not limiting. As Saturn gets higher on the natal chart, you are one house from the Saturn cycle peak. Your success is gaining if you’ve stayed your course. An important house to master your beliefs and connecting the dots of everything that has got you here.
  • Saturn 10H: Top of the success cycle for Saturn. Focusing on what success means to your public and professional life to achieve expertise and inner authority. Commit to how you will leave your mark on this world. If you’ve been committed to this point, you are likely at peak success, not that things will all go smoothly. Saturn always has lessons that allow you to recommit to your success. This is a time where people see your success and offer you more responsibilities, and you are tested to commit to those opportunities that are for you. As the opposite of the 4H, the more you focus on your outward life, it is equally important to focus on your inner life and family. An important house to master what you are here to deliver in the world, your mission and your public reputation to leave your mark in the World.
  • Saturn 11H: Focusing on what success means to your hopes for the future, and how you contribute your successes into society for social impact with your people and soul communities. IF you’ve been putting effort into achieving your dreams this is the time where you see it come into fruition. Commit to how you will contribute to society and achieve your dreams. Saturn’s cycle as it leaves the 11H is coming to a close. A house to master your dreams and contributions to society.
  • Saturn 12H: The closing of a Saturn cycle so it can begin again. Focusing on what your next cycle of success will be by clearing away and attending to unfinished business. Reviewing what success meant, and what you will and won;t need along the next cycle. Commit to acceptance and not controlling things. There will be things that clear out of your life at this time and to grasp and hold on to them for dear life will make this time so painful. Trust that you won’t loose what is not meant for you and that you are clearing the way for your next success cycle. Focus on what allows for more ease, flow and bliss at this time.

Saturn Transits by Natal Planets

Saturn takes about 1 year to transit a planet.

“Planets in your natal chart that are transited by Jupiter represent energies in your personality that are working smoothly and attaining your objectives. Do not overdo. One problem with Jupiter is that you should be careful about what you want, because you’re likely to get it.” – Robert Hand

  • Saturn + Sun: Focus + Creativity = Crystallization
  • Saturn + Moon: Focus + Security = Emotional Boundaries
  • Saturn + Venus: Focus + Connection = Commitment
  • Saturn + Mars: Focus + Activation = Accountability
  • Saturn + Jupiter: Focus + Expansion = Success
  • Saturn + Saturn: Focus + Commitment = Maturation SATURN RETURN
  • Saturn + Uranus: Focus + Change = Dismantle
  • Saturn + Neptune: Focus + Inspiration = Consciousness
  • Saturn + Pluto: Focus + Power = Restructure

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