Episode 27: Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse to Let Fear Go

by | May 2, 2023

We have our powerful Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Scorpio coming up and I am excited to share with you how we can work intentionally to bring up the power within to let go of the power over. To work intentionally with the Eclipse is to consciously face the fears you need to detoxify and release. Truly powerful work. As we prepare for this powerful lunar event, I want to remind you that during a full moon, it’s time to let go of anything that blocks us from our desires. Amplified with an eclipse and Scorpio energy, this is full elimination and detoxification. In this episode I go over four steps that will help you face and unravel your fears, allowing you to move forward with truth and authenticity. I then share six things that you can do during this eclipse season to detoxify outdated beliefs, stories, and release the things, people and experiences you hoard. You get this powerful eclipse to shed the old that hold you back from your beautiful truth and make way for the new.

In this episode:

  • Astrology of the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse
  • 4 Ways to face your fear
  • 6 things to do this Scorpio Eclipse


* 6 things to do this Scorpio EclipseFull Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Scorpio 14°

May 5, 2023 | 10:34 AM PT | 1:34 PM ET

Let fear go
What toxic beliefs and stories will you release to reach your beautiful truth?

The second eclipse this eclipse season, is a powerful Red Moon where the Moon will pass through the outer shadow of the Earth casting a light red hue. You’ll be able to witness this if you live in parts of Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the southern parts of Polynesia.

Not to be a potty mouth, but this eclipse you get to let go of all your shit. A deep cleanse, the feeling of freedom in your body after a colonics or the biggest poop after constipation. Yes, it will be this visceral, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Declutter vs hoarding
With the Mercury Retrograde at its midpoint and all the Tauruean energy, it is easy to hoard and grasp for fear of not being enough. It is second nature to hold onto and over consume when we don’t love ourselves or feel lack.

Mercury Rx midpoint does their job with our mindset to know we are even more when we let go. And working with the intensity of the Eclipse along with the eclipse ruler Pluto stationary and adding even more pressure, you get to pop all the toxic gunk that has built up in your emotional, spiritual and physical spaces to create a sense of spacious peace, love your body, and feel abundant.

Detox and let go
Of the deepest, most taboo, most shameful, most guilt inducing, most fear invoking parts of yourself. All of these are expressions of fear, the fear that gets in the way of our worthiness. But to let go and detox fear isn’t to run away or hide from fear. It isn’t to rationalize or philosophize fear. It’s to face the fear.

To face your fear is to:

  • Recognize and accept that the fear is there
  • Get curious with what the fear is really about
  • Grieve for what was lost as a result of fear
  • Thank the fear for protecting you and reminding your fear that you no longer need protection from this.

Antidote to fear
Once you realize what you lost because of your fear, you grieve. As grieving is an expression of love. This is your recognition of what you love, what you value, and what you really desire to receive for fulfillment. To receive what you truly need isn’t to expect someone else or an outside experience to give it to you. It is instead to cultivate the very thing in yourself by prioritizing activities that allow you to go after what you truly want.

What you truly want
THIS is what you measure. This fear, turned grief, turned love – is what makes you feel fulfilled and satisfied. This is your truth, your beautiful truth that you are now free and liberated to receive.

All by realizing, accepting and facing your fear this powerful Scorpio Eclipse.

6 things to do Scorpio Eclipse

6 Things To Do This Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

  • Release outdated stories and beliefs
  • Detoxify your inner and outer culture
  • Cleanse your financial and physical clutter
  • Purge emotional baggage and negativity
  • Let go of toxic relationships and partnerships
  • Embrace vulnerability and authenticity

Eclipse Prompts

  • Taurus Stellium (NN, MRx, Sun, Uranus) asks:
    • What are you still hoarding because you don’t feel enough?
  • Pluto Station Rx asks:
    • What fear do you need to face and detoxify?
  • Venus square Neptune asks:
    • What is your beautiful truth alchemized from your fear?
    • How can you give yourself your beautiful truth with self love and self compassion

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