Episode 60: Scorpio New Moon – Activating Trust in Your Inner Power

by | Nov 11, 2023

Scorpio New Moon 20°

Monday, November 13, 2023, at 1:27 AM Pacific |4:27 AM Eastern

Today I plant the seeds to trust my intuition and authentic power in my leadership.

Uranus Rx has been a major player in many of the lunations over the past several months, provoking change, shifts, and breakthroughs. As Uranus enters its full moon phase during this New Moon in Scorpio it’s asking you to choose your intuition and wake up the power that lives within you!

Trust your intuition. This is your authentic power.

This highly energetic and possibly polarizing New Moon may feel like it’s stirring up more conflict and fear, but at it’s highest, it can actually encourage conflict resolution through change and trust.

Trust maybe a pie in the sky on the global stage yet, in your individual world, you can choose a different path. To choose to resolve conflict, to trust, to tell your truth. This is NOT compromising on your power.

In fact, it is advocating your power by knowing your power.

Knowing your power is trusting your intuition.

Trusting your intuition is intentionally choosing change and breakthrough, even if it could ruffle a few feathers or cause disruption in the status quo.

It’s intentionally advocating for what’s right.

It’s consciously feeling all the feels when it could be easier to run away.

It’s holding steadfast with knowing that your work, your role, your self is part of the greater whole.

It is about choosing your truest innermost power, and unlocking how you connect, hear, understand, trust and KNOW the language of your intuition and how it moves you forward in your life, and in your changemaking Work.

Intuition in your Business and Work

For so many of us, we are out of touch with our intuition. It’s by design we’ve been conditioned into believing our intuition is “dumb” or “crazy” or “irrational.”

Why is it that society tells those in power to “trust your instincts,” “go with your gut” and celebrate their successes when they do.

Yet when you trust your intuition, society makes you second guess and asks you for evidence and data? Hmm…

Your intuition is this inner knowing. A wisdom and voice that has always been with you. Guiding your body and showing you signs.

Maybe you’re disconnected from your intuition.

Or maybe you’ve been sharpening your attention and focusing on amplifying your intuition.

Harness the power for what it is and trusting it in your life and your business.

Even if your intuition steers you away from what others say you should do.

You know in your heart and soul you are choosing your way.

This Scorpio New Moon, you get to set an intention to choose intentional change by trusting your intuition.

To declare how your intuition is your authentic power.

To clarify how you connect to, understand and trust what your intuition quietly whispers to you. To know that Spirit guides you to what is yours.

How to trust your intuition

Hearing your intuition takes trust and quiet. Your intuition speaks to you when you are not elevated in emotions or distracted in busyness. Even in chaos, there are cracks where you can carve out slivers of stillness to hear your intuition in which ever way they speak to you.

Whether you hear, see, feel, or simply know your intuition, you can trust that it is indeed that (an not fear) when it speaks with calm assertiveness without emotion.

From this place of intuitive trust is where revolutionary breakthroughs and magic happen for you in your Work, your business and your life.

You’re free to choose.

New Moon Invitations

On this potent and energetic New Moon in Scorpio, I invite you to carve out a sliver of stillness. I invite you to listen with your whole body, mind, heart and woul. I invite you ask your intuition what it desires of you. And I invite you to ask your intuition what it wants you to know.

Lastly, I invite you to trust.

Especially astounding for Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

➡️ How can you learn to trust that power in your body?

House Activations to Personalize Your New Moon Ritual

Scorpio New Moon Personalizations

Today I plant the seeds to trust my authentic power and intuition in my leadership’s:

Aries (or 8H): Advocacy for shared power and truth telling
Taurus (or 7H): Trusting partnerships with ideal customers and co-creators
Gemini (or 6H): Powerful operations that eliminate all unnecessary things
Cancer (or 5H): Capacity to pursue my passions with unwavering determination
Leo (or 4H): Private safe spaces to hold vulnerable and secure information
Virgo (or 3H): Unapologetic, no-bull communications and messaging
Libra (or 2H): Values and results based on loyalty and trust
Scorpio (or 1H): Magnetic brand and powerful initiative
Sagittarius (or 12H): Ability to reveal darkest secrets that block flow
Capricorn (or 11H): Community and network of other truth seekers
Aquarius (or 10H): Powerful reputation and delivery of truth
Pisces (or 9H): Intuitive knowledge and philosophy

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