Episode 67: Solstice, A Time For Year-End Reflections

by | Dec 20, 2023

As we get ready to close out the year and welcome our winter Solstice, I want to reflect on the year that we have moved through, I want to share the significance of Solstice 2023, and I want to also share the gains and losses that I’ve had in my business. I want to live my truth as a transparent leader and show that for every win, there are several losses. Take a listen and find out how you can reflect on this Solstice and be ready to open up to the upcoming new year.

In this episode:

  • What is Solstice?
  • 2023 Astrology Reflection
  • Astrology of the Solstice
  • 2023 Year Wrap-Up

Sun enters Capricorn (Solstice)

When the Sun enters the Cardinal sign of Capricorn, we welcome in Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere, we welcome the return of sunlight, and in the Southern Hemisphere, we welcome in the dark. This seasonal initiation is potent regardless of which hemisphere you reside. For all of us, as the Sun crosses the 0° Cardinal threshold, it marks a place of extremes. This year it’s even more intense because Mercury Rx hits its midpoint in its retrograde cycle AND it meets up with the Sun at the 0° mark, all happening within a day.

Today, create space and time for reflection. Yes, there is lots to do with preparing for the holidays, but I urge you to carve out some quiet time with a candle and cozy space to ground. [Sacred Day] schedule things for yourself.

To honor Capricorn, spend time in your own body feeling into your bones, feeling your feet extending into the earth. Feeling your own sense of self-responsibility and accomplishment that you created in 2023.

This Solstice has some intensity in the sky, so instead of trying to make things happen, just allow yourself to enjoy the moment and keep things uncomplicated.

What reflections will create deeper understandings of 2023?

Solstice Details:

  • Sun conjunct Mercury Rx Capricorn 0º
  • Venus Scorpio 19º opposes Uranus Rx Taurus 19º

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